Friday, April 10, 2009

Ever Been to Pappadeux?

Hosted by "Designs by Gollum"

When I peeked in Gollum's blog, today's Foodie Friday has a theme, "April in Paris". How lucky am I to have gone to a creole seafood place with a French name and I ordered something aptly called Mardi Gras? It may not Paris French, but definitely a Southern kind of French. I can live with that! LOL

I have and it is delicious in there! I mean both the food and the atmosphere! It's a bit pricey but when you're with a great friend like mine named Amy Sherrill, a once-in-a-blue-moon splurge is the right thing to do! Right? C'mon, I know you're thinking the same thing... Actually it doesn't look like you're splurging because the portions are huge! And if you eat like I do, one plate from this awesome place will last you three meals! I'm serious! I have proof!

Despite my wish of not looking for just any cute or beautiful dinnerware for a while, I do have a wish list that would make me continue to roam the aisles of my favorite stores and help the economy:
Noritake Carolyn rimmed soup bowls, teapot & creamer set
Birdie s&p shakers at Target- DONE
Any Spode beauty- a pasta bowl- DONE
Nikko Precious- saucer-1
Wedgwood English Terrace dinnerware (dp & b)- Water collection- 7
Sheffield Blue Whisper Fine China teacup set-1, teapot & creamer set
Nikko Blanc Fleur dinnerware- 8
Roscher & Co. Hera round dinnerware (dp, sp & b)- 8
Different kinds of inexpensive chargers- 8 each

Speaking of the birdie pair, look what happened... I finally snuck in to Target yesterday, silently crawled up to the birdie sanctuary and snagged me a pair of the same birdies Blogland has been spotting in different pantries and displayed in various tablescapes.

I also made sure that they had their own feeder each. but look, instead of a feeder, in defiance, they decided to use them as bath basins! Birdbrains! ;-)

Then one of them got off and started talking to his friend.

I think just like the others in Blogland, they are planning an escape!

They actually got as far as the chair before I caught them again. I talked them into helping me with one more tablescape and though they agreed, they weren't happy with it and now, they've gone and camouflaged themselves in my white tablecloth. That's ok, I'll flush them out soon since I have my Easter tablescape to do tomorrow... I wonder where they'll be on the 15th!

I wonder what they're planning... I asked them not to run away like the others are doing in other blogs, but I forgot that Tablescape Thursday was coming up and I did the unthinkable, I asked them to be in it! They obliged as you saw yesterday, though I think they were just there to warm up against the trinket boxes and admire my new china. ;-) Well, now I can't find them! Even poor hubby helped and they weren't on the table anymore! (sigh) At least I know they're in the house...

Ok, back to Pappadeaux, I ordered a plated of their "Pasta Mardi Gras" ($16)- a veritable plate of crawfish, shrimp, crab, creamy tomato sauce, portobellos and andouille sausages on a bed of linguini! It is deli-cious! Yummy! See here's my proof that it's a big portion! I made this table for dear old hubby. He loved it, too and so appreciated the placesetting. Gotta love that man! He loves airplanes so I made the napkin look like a plane! I just love the trinket boxes I found at Big Lots, they have such a romantic air to them when a lit candle is placed inside... I used one for him because I just love using each one! ;-)

Here's a closer look... This is one-third of the plate I bought. Getting hungry yet?

And a closer look still! You can already tell it's scrumptious even before you place it in your mouth.

I added some parsley to bring out the contours of each shrimp.

I had fun sharing a restaurant review with you today! It is rare that I go out to lunch with friends so when I have a great experience while with a great friend like Amy, it makes it that much more memorable!

Michael Lee, thank you again for hosting another great week of deliciousness!


  1. Chandy, I am off to yet another Target in search of some birds. I hope I can find some.
    That meal does look good...and another pretty tablescape.
    Hey, in regards to my post/your comment...I would love a picnic with you. You seem fun! And you can cook! Good!
    HAve a fabulous day & a blessed Easter!

  2. Hi Chandy! Mmmm! Shrimp lookin' good! I know what you mean about restaurants giving huge portions - lots of times my me and my cousin will split our lunches out and sometimes we still have food for the doggy bag! - Cute place setting, BTW! ~ Robyn

  3. Leigh, you're on! Let me know whenever you're in my neck of the woods!

    Robyn, hello! I love shrimp, so I know that this was a winner before I even tasted it! LOL Yup, restaurants have a twisted sense of humor; slowly kill us with good food because they want our repeat business! LOL

  4. Chandy you just made me so hungry. My Target birds can't wait to meet your Target birds! Yes, I too love to help the economy...

    A Big Easter Hug


  5. Hello Sue! I hope to find them by then! LOL A big hug to you as well!

  6. Friends, food, fun, is the perfect time spent.
    Those birds were a great find. Was the dish (bird bath) included in the set?

    Sweet Wishes,

  7. oh Chandy,that food looks so it hot,since it's cajun?i like hot a little but i can't take too much anymore(old age,ya know haha..)
    this is a cool post.well done.
    now,i have an award for's a fan award because i am a fan of your blog.please come get it.give it to as many as you like.everyone you are a fan of .
    and my sweet hubby went to Target yesterday.i hr away.(thats what took me so long getting them)and picked me up some we both can play with others and their birdie,ha...ann

  8. Sara, no but they were next to them, so I grabbed them too!

    Ann, it is kind of spicy, but it's not so bad for now... Ooh, you have your birdies! I can't wait to have them all play!


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