Sunday, April 5, 2009

Happy Birthday! Lady Katherine of "Lady Katherine Tea Parlor" !
It is her special day today!

She wanted to celebrate her birthday with us so she is having a tea party meme for today! I can't wait to see who joined in. As always, I'm a little late, but I love birthday parties so I'm joining in and hopefully Lady Katherine wouldn't mind...

I have a secret... I love teacups and saucers and this is where I don't mind having fine china to play with! But, I haven't started this love until I came across this beautiful set just recently.

To help Lady Katherine have the very best birthday today, I serve my herbal "Spearmint Lavender" tea from Treleela Organic, on my very pretty, Sheffield "Blue Whisper" teacup and what I call "bon-bon" bowl. I also wish to share some peanut butter cookie sandwiches. I found some great pansies to complete the vignette. Isn't it beautiful?

To give it an Asian twist, I served it on my bamboo tray with an ivory placemat on top.

Lady Katherine, I leave with you deep purple pansies, my favorite color.

Purple has been used by royalty and is considered a "regal" color.

A fitting color for a "Lady" like you.

I wish you a wonderful birthday!


  1. Hi Chandy! What a pretty cup and bon-bon bowl! Your pansies are so pretty, too! And...those cookies look yummy! Are they Girl Scout cookies? I was too good this year and blew my shot at them until next year. :-( Hope you are having a good weekend...hugs...Debbie

  2. Hello Debbie, yes they are the GS Do-si-dos! You have a good eye! I've only those three, so I am being good! LOL

    Thank you, I do love teacups!

  3. How very sweet of you.And indeed she is a lady.Happy birthday Katherine.

  4. Just beautiful I wonder what happen to Lady K today...not like to to have a party and not come...Hope she ok...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  5. Gloria, me too! I've checked her blog twice already. I hope she is alright...

  6. How sweet of you! I am so sorry to be late! I love the peanut butter cookies! Your China is lovely! The tea sound wonderful! Thank you so much for joining in on my special day. My granddaughter that is 21 months old almost fell in our creek, I caught her just in time. I tore loose some of my surgery. My Doc said Hospital, I said Tea Party! lol I have been in bed a sleep for days around the clock, I am better, still sore,and tired! I love your Tea Party and love all your dishes I saw in other post! Thanks for a lovely time.


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