Monday, March 16, 2009

When Flatware Flattens...

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Thank you Susan for hosting another great Met Monday!

Have you ever been plagued with inferior flatware? I have!!! In less than one year, I went through two patterns! So this is a good Met Monday post for me to do today because I am absolutely beside myself about all of these unfortunate events over flatware! Yikes!

First, back in October 2008, just before Halloween, I was fortunate enough to find in Ross, Gibson's "Chrome Bamboo" for $38 for a service for 8. It is a very similar style to Hampton's "Bamboo Mirror" from Target that I just couldn't afford at almost $70 for a service for 8 with serving pieces. But in a month's time...

Several pieces, started to rust!!!

Then, while I waited to have these pieces reviewed and hopefully replaced by Gibson USA, I decided to take on the Cambridge pattern called "High Rise Sand" that we found from Kroger for $44 for two 20-piece boxes. Beautiful pattern isn't it? But wait, this one is also not meant to be! Why, because after three washes, yes, you are reading it right, three washes in the dishwasher, the chrome plating came off and stuck out like a thistle! Aaarrggghhh!!!

Well, after we returned the flatware back to Kroger, the lady at the Customer Service said, "you know, you may as well fork up a little more and grab the style and name you really want." We wanted some Oneida, but found no style we really agreed on, so... After a fruitless trek to the mall, we found ourselves back to Walmart, placing two boxes of 40 piece set of Hampton's "Lace" pattern in our cart.
I hope the quote, "three's a charm" work for us this time because dh and I both love this pattern and for the same price we paid for the other two patterns, we can now entertain up to sixteen (16) people! Yay, we average about that on any given month, so it all works out.

I love the graceful crisscross pattern... Just beautiful!

Ok, everyone, chant with me... "No rusting, no chipping. No rusting, no chipping..."

Happy Met Monday everybody!


  1. Good luck. A lesson to all of us to keep receipts :)!

  2. Oh I do hope this time there is no rusting and no chipping. I have a set that also starts to rust after several washings. Hard to believe and I don't know how they keep selling this stuff. Thanks for stopping by my MM Bdrm post and your gracious comments. I really do appreciate it and it led me to your blog. I can't wait to come back. Hugs, Marty

  3. Good luck on this third purchase! I can imagine your frustration. The pattern is beautiful so enjoy it...Christine

  4. The pattern is real nice on the last one. Okay, I chanted with you. ;-) Good luck and hopefully they won't rust.

  5. I think you should just stick to finding flatware at TJ's or Homegoods. Are you looking for the 18/8 on the package? I think that if' it's not - you get what you pay for and it won't stand up in the dishwasher. I have the same two sets of flatware that I use daily for the last 20+ years. I didn't pay an arm and a leg, but they are the 18/8. One is an Oneida and the other was from Sears - of all places. (Orleans Silver Stainless - huh, never heard of them....oh well, they still look great.) ~ Robyn

  6. Well, it sounds like everything worked out for the best. I really like your final choice....classy, simple, pretty! Linda

  7. Susan: I know, good luck is what I'm counting on... LOL. Thanks!

    Christine: I like the last one, too!

    Marie: Thanks for chanting with me! :-)

    Robyn: I know, I still have my Farberware that lasted us even now, but I shared a lot of it with a friend who needed some decent utensils.

    Linda: I like it, too, so I hope it's better this time around... :-)

  8. I really like that criss cross pattern. I hope this one lasts! My older silverware has worn better than the newer set. Frustrating because I was ready for a change.

  9. Knitty: Welcome and I agree!

  10. Chandy, I sure hope this one works, girl. I've had a similar problem...but only when the knives...even when I bought some of the pricer stainless at Macys or Dillards. It's always the knife blades that start to get little pit spots on them...arggggh! Let us know if this one holds up! Susan

  11. how frustrating! I do hope the third time is a charm. laurie

  12. Susan: Sure thing! I have my fingers crossed!

    Laurie: Me, too! Thanks!

  13. Hi Chandy, It's just gorgeous!
    I do love the design.

    Good luck with it this time. :)

  14. Melissa: Thanks, I've got my fingers crossed on both hands! :-)

  15. Chandy,
    The pattern you picked is nice and hopefully the third time is the charm. I have not paid attention to flatware because I got Oneida when I married and only used that for the past 25 years. It has held up great so assumed they all did. I have learned something new, never heard of 18/8.

  16. Cathy: I have an Oneida set, too, but was buried in the storage. I also believed that all of them worked just fine until these two disasters that cost me a bigger headache and wasted my time. Even my ears are twisted in a knot in hopes that it will be great this time around. Thanks!

  17. That last is a pretty pattern. I hope it holds up better than the other sets.

  18. Neabear: Me, too... Me, too! Thank you!

  19. Your flatware sets are incredible. I'm really into these and i've just bought a new set from Ballard Designs. I'm also liked yours a lot.


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