Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Easy and Fun

Hosted by "A Picture is Worth a 1,000 Words"

Here is my (updated) contribution for this week's TOMT and 2nd Time Around (my first ever!). I can't wait to see what everyone came up with! Thanks Tam and Diane for hosting... These are so fun for me to do!

My darling second generation petunias!

Don't you just love them? I do! I know they are called annuals, but I keep them watered throughout the year, and trimmed during the winter, and they come back like I just bought them from a garden center! They are easy to grow, fun to look at, and very inexpensive to boot!

These are my fuschia with white rims...

Here are the Candy Striped ones... (I filled in the pot with some purple ones for July)

And my favorite color of petunias, purple!!! I can't get enough of this color, so regal!

As always, thank you for peeking! I've been so jealous of all the wonderful garden entries on all these photo memes that I thought I needed to get going and do one of my own!

Before I forget...

TABLESCAPING IDEA: (I just love how "Brain" and I collaborate to bring you wonderful yet simple ideas to "pretty up" your tables!) In incorporating your garden, put a table in your garden and design your table with a dominant color present in your flowers. For example, if it's white, do an all green table using different shades, (tablecloth, runner, utensils, goblets) with white dishes and napkins to mimic your garden. Use natural things for placemats or chargers and napkin rings or ties. For a centerpiece, have a shallow basket and fill it with white flowers tied with a white sheer ribbon for a romantic touch and have a menu of white food- cakes, eggs, vanilla milkshakes, anything that has a very light color to it to accent your tablescape while also featuring your food. This way, your table resembles a fantasy table made just for the garden by its resident fairy! A true dining escape...

Oh yeah, while cruising another awesome blog, I stumbled upon one of the awards she was sharing, so here's one you can snap up for your own blog!

Thank you Laurie of Bargain Hunting!

Bye for now...


  1. What pretty petunias! I love all of the colors, but I think my favorites are the candy striped ones! They look so festive!

    Happy Three or More Tuesday...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Sheila: Thanks, they are very pretty! :-)

  3. Pretty flowers - Good choice!

  4. Cam: Thank you, I do love them!

  5. Chandy, I too have flowers that will come back and I didn't trim them back. I guess I better do that soon. Yours are beautiful and I too love purple and the striped flowers the best. Love your tablescape ideas as well. Thanking you for sharing today.


  6. Beautiful flowers. I never thought about trying to keep them coming back. I just assumed once winter was here they were history.

  7. Love all your beautiful Petunias! The striped ones are really cool. Enjoy!!

  8. Your flowers are gorgeous. I enjoyed your blog...very cleaver. I'll be back.
    PS: I poppped over from Tam's Three or More. :)

  9. Nice post and what a fun blog all about Table Scapes.

    Roberta Anne

  10. Congrats on the award,I think it's so cute.I snagged it too.Tee hee.
    I had a green thumb when I ws in my 20's.but somebody took it,ha.It's gone.I kill everything now.I water too much,I water too little.I have 2 house plants and just a few outside.No more.
    Apparently your thumb is green,very green,because these are lovely.
    I cannot wait to see your tablescapes..Ann

  11. Ladies, thank you so much for your wonderful comments! I just love "reading" from all of you!

  12. Chandy, beautiful petunias! Thanks for the tip in growing them year around. And thanks for the garden scape idea.

  13. Hello! thanks for stopping by my page and for the compliment. Love the Candy Striped ones- nice combination. BTW, I'm a Pinay too!!!

    Have a nice day!

  14. Hi...thanks for stopping by again :-) I love those flowers too.. my favortie when summer comes.. I have to wait yet a few months!


  15. Thank you everyone! I love them, too!

  16. Just came back to tell you that I will add you on my blog list. :-)

  17. Your petunias are beautiful! I love planting them because you usually get a lot of bang for minimal effort. Mine never last through the winter, but sometimes they have left their seeds behind and new ones have sprouted in the spring.

  18. MBW: That is awesome news!

    Home Sweet: Thank you!

  19. Hi Chandy,
    What a great post for 2nd Time Around! I wish I had your garden talent! The petunias are beautiful.

    Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around!

  20. Diane: I think petunias are the only things I can grow, lol! Thank you!

  21. Oh I can't wait until I can plant some petunias. Sorry for visiting you so late today but I wanted to make sure to thank you for participating in Three Or More Tuesday. :-)
    Have a wonderful evening,

  22. Oh my, what beautifl flowers. I am NOT a gardener and so wish I could do it. Just not good at it...your's look great...
    xo bj

  23. Tam: Anytime is a good for you to come visit my blog. :-)

    BJ: They are so easy to plant. I hope you try one soon...

  24. Gorgeous flowers and great tablescaping ideas, Chandy!...Christine

  25. Christine: Thank you I hope I can get them to grow again next season... I do love "Brain" for helping me come up with great tablescaping ideas!


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