Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Boulder of a Ring

Today, I have a two-in-one meme post for you! Not until last Saturday that it dawned on me that our talented Xinex hosts the Sightseeing Saturday fun. So for the first time, I get to join her! Yay! So, let's start with Pink Saturday with Beverly!

Hosted by "How Sweet The Sound"
Today, I chose to feature some cute and pink napkin rings I found while surfing the net.


This is a wooden bangle type of painted napkin ring from Alibaba dot com
This sweet pink flower and green ribbon cutie is from Butterflies and Daisies dot com
And these pretty roses napkin rings are from Country Living dot com

Aren't they just darling? Happy Pink Saturday! Thanks Beverly


This is my very first ever Sightseeing Saturday with Christine of

I am so excited!

When we had to move to Texas, we had to drive through New Mexico on highway I-10. Since we were in for a long drive, I pulled out the camera and started take pictures of anything interesting. A little bit of sightseeing- in a moving truck! (Ha, ha, in a moving truck that was moving! LOL)

Come see what I found:
Gigantic rock formations lined the freeway! I wondered if when they were plowing through, these are what they uncovered and they placed them in groups before moving the next one because:

Each pile were positioned almost diagonal of each other across the road. It went on like that for several miles.

Look, they even have some tall ones on the other side! Some, on the background are massive hills of different sized rocks!

Some look deliberate in groupings, some very random... And some...

Look like no machine was able to move it due to its sheer size, so the freeway adjusted to where it was though it seemed straight on, the map layout on Google show you otherwise. The last one was truly massive- it is one solid rock!

Thanks for joining me and Christine today in our sightseeing adventures today. Dust those sneakers, binoculars and replace the camera batteries, America is waiting to be photographed! And the world!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: (The awesome and beautiful "Brain" just keeps getting better and better at this!) Gather friends and families you've traveled with. Prior to the party, upload pictures and print them all out. Place them in smaller albums of each location you've been in. Place them in front of each placesetting, but not for the person in that album. Using pink linens or dinnerware, create a garden like setting on your table: green moss, flower pots, blossoms, etc. Use natural napkin rings. You can even do this in the garden, at dusk. Set up for later lighting and candlelight ambience. As the guests arrive, tell them what you're doing (reminiscing) and to take a seat. Tell them not to open the albums until food's been served. Buffet style is great here. When everyone's plate is full, ask them to take a look at their "favor" album. Because you put them in random, watch the fun begin when comments of "Oh, this is at... I wish I went with you. or "Hey, that's my album then, I was there!" Let swaps of albums and memories flood the evening. To sweeten their departure, surprise them with some delicious chocolate to savor on the way home while remembering another great time with you!


  1. Another great tablescaping idea, Chandy! And thanks for joining Sightseeing Sat. today. Those boulders are humongous, I can imagine how much they weigh. I would love one of the smaller ones in our garden. They make the mountains and nature look even more breathtaking. You know, dh used to work for an Indian hospital in Gallup, NM and I used to visit him there. I always enjoyed seeing the mountains. I will have to blog about when we hiked El Morro. It was so pretty. Thanks for sharing your adventure! Oh, the pink napkin rings are really pretty too. My favorite one is the beaded one. Have a nice weekend!...Christine

  2. Christine, I love this meme! Definitely a keeper!

  3. I love the rose napkin ring! Happy Pink Saturday!

  4. My face napkin wring is the one in the middle. It may even look nice as a pink or hair accessory - ok maybe a bangle with it's roundness :-)

    As to sightseeing - been to Athens with the help of Christine, Now New Mexico. lol never really traveled outside the country so I enjoy this very much. :-)Those rocks are big and I mean BIG! And the ones were a lot are piled. Scary if they come rolling.

    Your idea of a mini album included in a table setting is interesting. Do you think you'll do that on one of tablescape thursday? :-)

    Happy Pink Saturday!

  5. All the napkin rings are so pretty, and I love the rugged desert of New Mexico. Great pics. Hugs, Marty

  6. Nancy, thanks! I like that one the best, too!

    MTMV, yes, so watch out for it in the summer time!

    Marty, thank you; it was a nice ride. That's for sure!

  7. Thanks so much for the great post today. I just ♥ traveling from blog to blog...the photos, the crafts, the ideas...too fun!

    Yours was especially fun this week. Thank you!

    See you next week!

  8. I just love those darling napkin rings, I have some very similar to the roses.

    Those rocks are huge, and some of them look like they are about to tumble down!! Nature is quite amazing!! I would love to have a few of the smaller ones for my yard.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures & ideas. Have a fantastic weekend, Nicole

  9. The napkin rings are delightful. Thank you for sharing. Happy Pink Saturday.

  10. Chandy,
    Congratulations, you WON MY GIVEAWAY for a custom Blogger Button! I did not see an email on your site, so I am writing you here. Please contact me on my site at my mail box so we can discuss the design. YEA!

  11. cute napkin rings... BUT WOW!!! those rocks are amazing!!!!


  12. Thanks for taking me on the trip. Amazing photos. All of thenapkin rings are so pretty, and your idea of a "travel" dinner is so great. laurie

  13. Chandy, love the pink napkin rings you shared today. I also loved the sight seeing trip and the rocks. Great photos. A fun tablescape idea too. You are full of fun ideas. Thank you for sharing them.


  14. Hi Chandy,
    love the napkin rings and the boulder pics are wonderful!

    ¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
    (¸.·´ (¸.·´ Happy Pink Saturday
    Deanna :D

  15. Beautiful napkin rings.
    Happy Pink Saturday,

  16. Ladies, you are all so sweet and generous with your comments. I feel melting to the floor from feeling so loved! Thank you all so much!

  17. It's always a delight to come in and see what you have been up to, Happy Pink Saturday, Char


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