Sunday, March 1, 2009

All Awesome Awards!

Wow, I amaze myself at how much I love alliterations! :-D

Anyway, I've had the pleasure of visiting blogs that have universal awards as part of extending friendships and welcome to all visitors. And I love and appreciate them all! Thank you so much for sharing!

First Shelia of "Note Songs" sang us a sweet tune of gratitude...

Then, Dixie of "French Lique" shared her cowgirl love...

Then Candy of "Rock Candy" appreciated all those who occasionally forget...

Then Sheila of The Quintessential Magpie also rewarded those turned negative into positives...
Then Monica from Norway decided to befriend all visitors to her blog, too!
Then today, I stumbled on Debbie of Confessions of a Plate Addict and her tablescaping appreciation...
Each and everyone are lovely and oh so cute! Thank you for sharing these fabulous awards of friendships with me. Please accept my gratitude and take my award for ALL OF YOU...


  1. Oh my.. that is one beautiful award! Nice to have met you... I do hope you serve some asian food.. that is my favorite!! (wok,wok,wok ;-) )

    Thank you for letting me know about yoU!


  2. Hello Monica! Welcome and enjoy your new award!

  3. Oh, you really did well on your shopping trip ! I love all those awards...I need a "Dory Award" sometimes...HaHa !

  4. Oh, Chandy, congratulations on alla of your beautiful awards! You are the sweetest one and I've so enjoyed getting to know you in Blogland! Thank you so much for the lovely award you're giving. I will take it and enjoy it so much.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  5. Hello Shelia! Love ya for being such a darling about all of your awards. Enjoy mine...

  6. Hey, Chandy, I just want to let you know I am planning to pick up the award you gave me (thank you! Thank you! thank you!)ans I will post it on my side bar with a link to you to give you some props. I just need to be on the main PC and not a laptop. Isn't that ridiculous? 4 people in this house and 3 computers and I'm the one who gets last dibs on the main PC. Does that seem fair? Hmmm.

  7. Hello Marivic! I'm glad you have a plan. :-D
    I know what you mean, it's nuts when I really need the PC and I have to wait on my laptop that can't do the job.


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