Monday, March 23, 2009

Could It Be?

Hosted by "Between Naps on the Porch" and "Smiling Sally"

Thank you Susan and Sally for hosting another week of these great memes! This is my first ever Blue Monday!

Am I really becoming a fan of BLUE dishes?! To be honest, I am not fond much of the color blue in general, but lately, I have been seeing blue everywhere! Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of "Blue Plate Special" where one member of the family gets to have a blue plate for anything special that they are celebrating. Who, you ask, introduced me to this most wonderful thing? My lovely MIL of course!

So, I started with this set, a Robin Egg's blue Fiesta dinnerware wannabe and a Cobalt Blue nobody that she picked up somewhere while putting together some Christmas gift ideas for her two children, Kate and my dh Charlie. The Cobalt came with a salad/dessert plate and matching glass. I would have loved it, but there's only one setting! I asked her where she got it, but she couldn't remember and now, I want more!!!

Then, to share the love of "Blue Plate Special", I came across the Wedgwood English Terrace Water Series for $3 each at Ross back in 2000, and proceeded to grab them all for my friends during a Christmas reunion prior to our move to Gilbert, Arizona. Now, I'm in love with the set, but again, I only have one place setting! What cruel fate! I can't even afford one additional piece!

Then after Christmas last year, I wanted to do a New Year's tablescape but didn't want to spend a lot of money, so we went to Kroger's to see what we can find. Lo and behold, I found these bowls that just called to me from the moment I came in. But there were no plates to go with the tablecloth and goblets, so I was doomed once again to just enjoy this serving bowls all by themselves...

Then, most of you have posted about all of your great Goodwill finds and so I found myself inside one. And though I almost lost hope of finding any great dishes, I decided to look one more time and look at what surfaced! Isn't she beautiful? Her simplicity is just adorable and at 99 cents, I convinced my disapproving hubby. What do you think of her?

Now, just when I thought I've been cured of my "blue tease" disease, I find this exquisite set at Pier 1, just last month. And the red butterfly made it all worthwhile. And look, a whole set for 8, complete with napkin rings! Yay, me!!! I've definitely morphed into someone who can appreciate blue dishes. This was LOVE at first sight, but now the dilemma is... what do I do for a centerpiece?

Am I this weak over dishes that I couldn't even resist the color I least use? The color that rarely surface on my table and only for one? You bet I am! I'm part Chinese on both sides of my family, so yes the chinoiserie legend lives in me and I would scour the earth for some great pieces from now on! (Alright, when I can finally afford it... Whenever that would be!)

TABLESCAPING IDEA: (Man, oh man, "Brain" is unstoppable with all these great tips!) Do an ALL BLUE table. Use different shades, but all blue including the centerpiece and make meme cards about everything blue with your guests and see just how "blue" your night can become!

Happy Met and Blue Monday to all! Make sure to visit all of the participants today!


  1. Red butterflies in the centerpiece!Happy Blue Monday ~ Susan

  2. Susan, I was just thinking of that! LOL

  3. Chandy,
    Very pretty dish finds! I love the color blue, it's my fave. Cindy

  4. I would do a white centerpiece with a tiny touch of red. You may not fully realize it, but I think you're becoming a blue addict! I especially like that Wedgwood. Thanks for sharing. Happy 1st Blue Monday.

  5. WOW you've got a lovely little collction of blue plates!! :-)

    I loved the last pieces.. think I have seen them before though.. right??


  6. I love those blue and white butterfly plates. A trip to Pier 1 is in my future. Thanks for the tip.

  7. Hi Chandy,
    Wonderful blues! The butterfly plates are lovely! Happy Blue Monday!


  8. Ladies, thank you!

    Monica, yes; I featured them two weeks ago.

  9. I love the Blue Plate special family idea!

  10. lovely blue dishes. thanks for sharing.


  11. I almost went into Pier 1 yesterday, but I said I better not because of the economy etc :) The Butterfly Blossom collection is beautiful!

  12. The butterfly plates are fabulous.
    Happy Day..

  13. This week so near & dear to my heart-blue dishes! Love that pattern by Wedgwood. I have a set of snowflake dishes, but the blue is not that vibrant cobalt-hmm…mine may have to go to the co-op while I search for those. Always a delight to visit!

  14. They all are very beautiful! Love the idea of meme cards. Deb

  15. Adorable butterfly plates; indeed I love all your blue dishes. But I have to admit to being addicted to dishes, and I rarely see one I don't like!

    I hope you get more of your Wedgwood some day.

  16. Even if you only have one set it's still beautiful, try looking on ebay

  17. Lovely blue dishes. Blue has always been my favorite color and I don't think I have any blue dishes. Shame on me, I must be on the look out. Thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Hi chandy,
    I look forward to your posts, they are always so clever! I especially like those Pier I dishes with the red butterfly. Have a wonderful day.

  19. Love the dishes! The Wedgewood pattern is awesome!
    Robin Rane'
    All Things Heart and Home

  20. Hi Chandy! Your dishes are awesome and I am sure your brain will start figuring out what centerpiece to create as it always does!...Christine

  21. Christine: I would have to agree! Thank you!

    Cathy: Thanks, I do have a lot of fun with this blog! :-)

    Ladies: I went to Goodwill today and found some cute stuff, but unluckily, no good blue ones!

  22. Your dishes are lovely. I like the colors.

  23. I love your dishes, and the blue.

  24. Hello ladies! Thank you! They are lovely!

  25. Beautiful blue dishes. Happy Blue Monday
    ! Mary :O)

  26. I have something for you on my blog waiting to be picked up... come get them! ;)



  27. Mary: Thank you!

    Cielo: Thank you and I hope you enjoy mine!

  28. I'm loving that wedgewood, too. Can you imagine a whole tablescape of that? - I think we like it 'cuz it reminds us of our Bordallo Pinheiro! - LOL! ~ Robyn

  29. Gorgeous dishes.... I love the dark blue ones... and thank you for sharing this lovely blog award with me....

    blessings, sweet Chandi...


  30. Beautiful BLUE Plates...Happy BLUE Monday...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  31. Robyn: I agree, I agree!:-)

    Cielo: You are very welcome, dear!

    Gloria: Thank you and same to you!


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