Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Brain" Takes on Albertson's!

So last night, we went grocery shopping and found some great Buy 1 Get 2 Free deals, even on shrimp! $24.98 for 6 pounds of 31/40 shrimp, which makes it $4.16 a pound! It normally is about $10-12 a pound. Sa-wweeet!

Anyway... so we were ready to check out when hubby strategically parked by this cart full of Clearance V-day items, and on two sides of the cart, on red paper with black bold font, "50 cents on all Valentine party goodies". ("Brain" quickly took command and said, "Dig for next year's idea, Carolyn! Dig, I say!")

I happily obeyed and found some cute items. I was a little bit confused (and so was "Brain") about the different prices on the green tags. But I gladly put them in the cart thinking that that all will be sorted out. ("Brain" was more nervous than I was, but we go back a while so she trusted my instincts; kind of...)

So, we proceeded to get things checked out and when these items did not ring up at 50 cents each, I wanted to just abandon them. ("Brain" urged me to speak up and so I sweetly asked, "I got those at the Valentine Clearance cart that says 50 cents for all, shouldn't they be part of those since I found them at the bottom"?) The cashier man said, "No, but I can bring it down to 50 cents. The next set of items were the same story, so I said, "No, I don't want them then" and only paid for a few. But when I checked my receipt, I found that all of my purchases did not ring up at 50 cents! I was livid ("Brain", she was ready for a fight)!

And so we took things to the Customer Service. While waiting there, the night manager comes by. ("Brain" noticed and quickly said, "Stop him!") And of course, I did by asking him to come with me and clarify my recent purchase. The whole time, my awesome family was watching in the sidelines with dh bearing the smile of "Watch out, Mister!"

He sees the cart with its bold red sign and "Brain" took over. She asked, "This clearly says 50 cents for Valentine goodies and I dug out a few items, but your cashier won't honor it because none are ringing up 50 cents. Is this is a mistake on your store's part? It's very misleading". The tall, mustached but kindly-faced authority agreed with me and clarified that I should have gotten everything out of the cart for 50 cents each since that's what the cart said. Mind you, I didn't pull out cosmetics or batteries, I pulled out Valentine goodies! He quickly goes to their office and fixes the "faux-pas" while I waited my turn at the Customer Service. Then "Brain" remembered the two other items I had to give up at the register so we both went back to it, grabbed the items and declared to the cashier that their night manager said that I am right- Of course, he meant "Brain" was right...

So finally, my items get refunded and rung up again- at 50 cents each. But what's better than 6 items ringing up at $3.24 is the fact that two of them is a great smelling candle and a red vase that used to be $8.00 each!!!

"Brain" took on Albertson's and won- again! What were you expecting? Plus, she's happy at the fact that because she spent more than $50, she also saved an extra 10% from the store's "Get $5 off for purchase of $50 or more".

Yay!!! "Brain" wins again! Don't you just love "Brain" and her gutsy ways of taking on commercial giants? Love her!!!

Wanna see? Do ya really, do ya? Ok....





Alright, alright... "Brain" says it's ok to show them now...

"Brain, brain don't go away! If you do, I'll be broke today!" (And repeat!)

As for next year's idea? Isn't it obvious?...


  1. cute,cute story.yes,we have had clerks almost want to fight over a coupon.They act .like it's coming out of their pockets or something.I'm glad you stuck it out...ann

  2. Ann: Thanks! "Brain and I" had fun!


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