Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Should be one of the 8 Wonders of the World...

Hosted by "A Southern Daydreamer"

It's Wednesday again, so that means sharing outdoor fun time!!!

I only have one little entry today but this is probably one of the most important entries I would be ever have for "Outdoor Wednesday"...

It is a place that will always have a great place in my heart...
It is a place where no one would suspect that great things can come out of...
A place that is so common, many have either laughed at or was greatly disappointed with...
But to us, it is romantic, nostalgic and fulfilling at the same time and we wish often that we can go back...

We love it because it is the place--

Ok, ok; so it'll never pass for the "8 Wonders of the World" consideration, but it did make you laugh, shocked or disappointed, right? "Got ya!" :-D

(The above picture is a similar architecture to the one we met at in California.)

A big "Thank You" to our host for bringing us another great Wednesday to share our outdoor loves... Make sure to check everyone's entries!

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: ("Brain" says that this is one of her favorite challenges") For a "just because" romantic date for you and your hubby, set the table with your wedding china, crystal and silverware. Yes, bust out the good stuff! Choose a centerpiece of your wedding flowers in a graceful crystal vase, and make it big and over the top but instead of in between you on the table, put it at the center of the table or one end and use it as a focal point to block out the rest of the dining room, creating a romantic atmosphere. Candles should be low and to the side or surround the front of the centerpiece with little votives, again creating a focused light that blocks out most of the dining room. Then, instead of cooking, order the same food you ate at the first restaurant together as a couple or met at. Then reminisce and reaffirm your love to one another until dinner is done... The rest of the evening is up to you...

I'm a very curious person, so I ask you,

"Where did you and your hubby meet?"


  1. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Chandy! I think I need some Taco Bell for
    Thanks for sharing your photo.


  2. Thank you for sharing, This is such a romantic story!!! Thank you for the idea of setting the table for that romantic evening with that someone special. We sometimes take so much for granted, I guess its because everyone is always in a hurry, but that is a very poor excuse. And again thank you.

  3. I love your story! Not crazy about Taco Bell though..can't get that story from the news about them out of my mind!

    Although I don't use the good china and crystal every night, I do try to have a different setting almost every night...just 2 of us now, so there is time to do that...
    I started buying 2 or 4 place settings a few years ago, so I have quite a collection now...but it is fun!

    Thanks for coming to my blog!

  4. Susan: I'm hungry now, too!

    Sue: I hope you find time to make that

    Kathleen: As long as you take time to rekindle that love, you're doing great!

  5. Hi Chandy-
    I do like your blog, and thanks for leaving me a comment! How exciting coz, you are a fellow "pinay" like me. I checked out your other blogs too and wow, you're busy!
    Anyway, my husband and I met at a TGIF (Friday's now, I think) in La Jolla. It's a long story and someday will do some "chismis" together ;)

  6. Chandy,
    What a cute story...I get a hankering for a Taco Salad from Taco Bell and I still miss the Bell Burger from years ago !

  7. I always enjoy stopping by. Your Outdoor Wednesday made me laugh! I met my husband in High School at an outdoor festival. His band was playing there and I was with my “soon to be” ex boyfriend!

  8. Yep, thats Taco Bell for sure. I know it well! My hubby and I actually met at a foodie place too. The cafeteria at Cal State LA.

    Kathy b

  9. Marie: Yay! A fellow Pinay blogger! Love ya for that! Christine (xinex) is, too! So cool!

  10. Lynn: Hello and welcome back! It's always a treat when we go to Taco Bell like the other day and I had my usual- Mexican pizza!

    Victorian: How cute! Isn't funny how things work out?

    Kathy B: Funny, a cafeteria story... Love at first pick! lol

  11. How sweet, and ditto on craving tacos now! Also, I heard recently on the news about a couple who got married in Taco Bell; then of course this week's couple who (almost) got engaged in Wendy's, but the girl swallowed the ring that was hidden in her Frosty lol!

  12. Oh how sweet! I don't think there is any crabbing restrictions in Florida. I live mostly in MS but have a home in FL so I go there when I visit the kids. You are welcome to stay with me if you ever want to come, IF I am there. I have my daughter and her family livin gin the house too so they can watch it when I am not there. But Chandy, if you ever want to use your travel rewards and want to come here in MS, you are welcome to stay here anytime, as long as I am home. We do travel a lot...Christine

  13. That is so cute that you met your little burrito at Taco Bell. That is a spicy place to meet.

    My husband and I met when I was out on another date. Long story :)

  14. OK, laughed out loud when I got to the picture. Loved it!

  15. Cute story! I miss the green sauce they used to have at Taco Bell.

    I met Mr. Dumpling in my dorm at college. He was with friends I knew and we were introduced.


  16. What a cute story! My first date with my ex-husband was on a Friday the 13th - I guess that was an omen, huh? ~ Robyn

  17. Good story! I met my ex-husband in junior high school, no special romantic memory there, it just seems like I always knew him.

  18. Cam: You are so funny! I'll have to check out the Wendy's one!

    Jan: The little burrito is 6 feet tall! lol

    Lori: Thanks! I thought so too!

    Cass: Glad to oblige! :-D

    Judy: I wonder if my teen will meet her Mr. Dumpling (lol) in college, too!

    Robyn: Those are fun kinds of dates! lol

  19. Christine: What a great offer, thank you! I'll be arranging our summer plans right after I graduate in May! Thanks again, I can't wait!

  20. Chandy,
    Thanks for stopping by and sweet comments. What a cute lil story....Oh it's sweet! I met my husband on a blind date and double date...went bowling...LOL. Have a wonderful week...Kathy

  21. Thanks for stopping by and viewing the northern lights. I like to set a nice table with the linen napkins, goblets, etc. However, I didn't have a lot of different dishes. Now that I have started blogging and seeing all of the different tablescapes, I am acquiring more plates and glassware at thrift stores. Just tonight I got 4 blue goblets at the Salvation Army. Is there such a think as a plate virus?
    BTW, I met my husband at church. And I asked him out on our first date which was my company's Christmas party.

  22. Cute story. I ate at Taco Bell for lunch today; Mexican Pizza no tomatoes. My husband and I met while we were in junior high. I was in the 7th grade and he was in the 9th. I started dating him the next year and we were married 3 1/2 years later.

  23. Kathy! Thanks for stopping by and how cute was that double blind date, cool!

    Karen: No, but I think it's definitely a disease of some sort- "buysplatesalotonosis" (lol)! Thanks! Way to be brave!

    Elizabeth: Isn't Mexican Pizza the best? Wow, you got married when you were a sophomore in highschool? Now that's a modern Romeo & Juliet story! Wow!

  24. Chandy,
    What a cute story, I just had to laugh when I saw the Taco Bell. I'm, so glad you shared it with us! Cindy

  25. Cynthia: Thanks! I do love the place...


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