Sunday, March 1, 2009

Happy March 1st!

Hello everyone! I can't believe it's finally March!!! Spring is almost here... Since I don't have any particular reason to post about, I'll just regale you with these wonderful "GREEN" plates!

Disclaimer: I don't own most of these, just salivated over them online and at stores. The last one, I own...

Bamboo collection- only seen on Ebay...

Terriart collection- also just seen on Ebay...

Pineapple collection- I've only seen these at Tuesday Mornings...

Oak Collection- Salivating over this one... Ebay find but they only offer 4 thru an auction.

Bunny collection- only found the salad plates at Ross...

Hen and Rooster collection- I actually own 8 of these salad plates. They replaced my PINK Bordallo cake stand...

Don't they all just look beautiful? I've seen some clover shaped salad plates, but dh won't let me buy them. That's ok, we really have no vested interest in them.

Gotta love Bordallo dinnerware!!!


  1. Oh----I love all of them.Do you own these?Or some of them?...Ann

  2. Absolutely Gorgeous stuff Carolyn! I wish I had unlimited money! :)

  3. I wish I did, too! But alas, I only own a few Bordallo beauties; the last one and some cabbage leaf ones...

  4. Love the bunny plates - now I'm gonna have to start searching....

  5. I love Bordallo! There was a cheese plate at the Ross near me, but it was 17.00 and I couldn't justify its purchase, especially in todays market! I whined as I slowly walked away.

  6. Winny: I love that, too!

    Anne: What does it look like? I'm curious!

  7. I love the bunny plates. I went to two Marshall's, Two Homegoods, and a TJ Maxx to complete my set. I have settings for 12. I also added some cabbage plates and bowls to the mix. I have them in my hutch and I am not about to change them out any time soon. I just love those bunnies! ~ Robyn

  8. Robyn: You lucky duck! Can I come and drool all over your carpet in front of your hutch? (lol)

  9. for some one with dishease, this is a very tempting post!

  10. Once: Sorry about that... :-D You're telling me!


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