Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One Full Tuesday: Three in One!

Hosted by "The Gypsy's Corner"

I decided to focus on beautiful names for today's meme. Thank you Tam, for hosting once again!

I've always been fascinated with how things are named; cars, boats, flowers and even dinnerware. But no matter the reason, the beauty and design is what captures you... You can't help but wonder, if the person who buys the item named similarly as they are, can they see their personality matching or a beauty hidden within?

Why don't you be the judge as you look at these beautiful dinnerware patterns named after women like you and me...

Mikasa's "Brooke" like one of my followers...

Century China's "Jasmine", like my beautiful daughter...

American Atelier's "Lara", like one of my blogging buddies, and former neighbor in Mesa, AZ

222 Fifth's "Gabrielle", reminds me of a playful little French girl...

And, Noritake's "CAROLYN", like me. Can you see me in that delicate detail? It was discontinued back in 1996, the year I got married... I've never known this, but I'm glad I know now.

On to the Toile Party...

Hosted by "Pretty Organized Palace"

I found all of these samples of Oriental Toile in Fabric Finder dot com


Cielo from "The House in the Roses" bestowed all of these awards to those who participated in her Chocolate Cookie Party. And now, dear readers, I share them all with you!

I've never had this one before, how exciting!

I was excited to get this one personally from her because I've always admired those blogs that earned it!

Enjoy visiting all the participants today! Thanks for peeking!


  1. The names of things always intrigue me. Paint and nail polish names are a couple of my favorite things to read the names of. Fun post.

  2. Gabrielle is my favorite, but they are all pretty.

    You have inspired me to unpack at least a few place settings of all the dishes I have stashed away. I have two sets in the attic and one more somewhere else. Now, where to store them???


  3. Congrats on the awards, Chandy! Beautiful plates and beautiful names! Isn't there one named "Christine"? LOL! C'mon and use up your travel rewards, be our guest and visit me!I'll show you around...Christine

  4. Stop by my blog when you get a chance.. I have something for you! Susan

  5. Very pretty plates! Happy TOMT!

    Linda C

  6. Hi Chandy! Happy 3 or more to you. The plates are so pretty. I really like Gabrielle! Oh and the Glendale Forest Lawn is in Glendale California in Los Angeles County :0)

  7. Hello ladies! I love Gabrielle, too, but my heart is now locked with Carolyn and I am going to buy them as soon as I can afford it; hopefully in a few weeks!

  8. Christine I will definitely let you know, I'm so excited!

    Ellen, thank you, I forgot that there's a Glendale in Cali! :-)

  9. Oh, Susan, thank you for the award. I love it!

  10. Congratulations on your awards! And your plates are pretty!! :-) lovely names too!


  11. Hi Chandy-
    Thanks for visiting! Luv the plates...and congrats on your multiple awards! Well deserved.

  12. Love the plates and their names. And the Asian toile fabric, I am in love!!! I had forgotten about Asian toile, I had been so in love with French toile, I had forsaken all others. Shame on me, I must repent and get me some Asian toile.

  13. love your plates...beautifl blog...i love sparkly things, too!! It reminds me of the heavens...

  14. Ladies, thank you so much for visiting and leaving such great comments!

  15. Chandy,

    What a lot of goodies you had to share today. And a very clever idea with the names of the china patterns (although I didn't see my name!!)

    I also enjoyed seeing the toile patterns. There must be a million! I plan to visit the other participants because I just adore toile but didn't know about the party.

    Congratulations on all your awards! The last one is a pretty addition to your blog!


  16. Hello Janie! I would have to agree, there are a lot of toile patterns!

    Thank you!

  17. Those are beautiful plates. Have to ask, does the Jasmine plate pattern match your daughter's personality? :-)It has bright colors and I think the swirls makes it playful.

    Now for your "plate design" . Delicate, very nice intricate detail (considering you love tablescapes you must have an eye for details), has that soft feeling, and blue is signifies calmness. Simple, not too fluffy but has that elegant feel. Oh I've only known you not too long but I hope something matched :-)

  18. My Thoughts: You pegged me and my daughter to a T! Thank you!

    Ladies: Thanks for the visit! :-)

  19. Oriental Toile is beautiful. Such a rich history this fabric has! Thanks for taking the time to link up to our Toile Soiree!

  20. Hello, welcome to my blog and I'm glad to do it; it was exciting to see that the Orient had its own toile beauties to sweep me off my feet!


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