Thursday, March 12, 2009

Award Times Two = Share With YOU!

Visiting awesome blogs certainly has its rewards and awards! So please be a sweetie and share this glory with me by taking it if you so wish. One thing for sure, it will make your blogs that much more awesome! AND... DON'T FORGET TO HAVE MINE ON THE SIDE BAR because... YOU are fabulous for visiting!

Thank you to whoever first gave out this award; I could not remember who shared this with me.

Thank you Monica of Monica's English Version

Thank you to all that have an award to share...


If you like this blog, let me know. If you really like this blog, let me know. The key is let me know. Thanks for peeking!

Niceties first

HELLO AND WELCOME to this blog dedicated to my obsession of tablescapes, and ONLY TABLESCAPES!
That means that whatever I post will be redirected to tablescapes or you will see tablescapes or the dishes and glassware that I used AND wish to use.
I hope you like you what you see; but you can't do that unless you take the tour- the TABLESCAPE TOUR that's on the side bar! I'd also love to take you on my adventures on finding great dinnerwares to display and use while leaving some serious change in your pocket, so stay a while and see all of my great deals!
Wanna know the reason behind the madness, too? Then make sure to read, Why this blog for my philosophy.