Sunday, March 22, 2009


To many of you who stumbled upon my family blog, "Complicated Simplicity" last Friday, I thank you for visiting my friend Crystal's blog as her mother posted on how her and husband Spencer Eldredge lost their 8-month old child last Thursday morning.

Crystal and I used to live in the same Campus Housing in ASU Polytechnic, in Mesa, Arizona as our husbands finished up college in their respective fields. As we also shared a denomination, we are Mormons, our friendship extended to monthly visits. Their darling baby Sage, though brief, couldn't have had a better set of parents. Crystal loves to make a home wherever she is and has even shared how her dream home resembles her current home. That's how deserving she is of all good things. Just thinking of her heart aching chokes me up and I can't stop seeing the picture of her and her husband holding their son Sage for the last time. Her examples to me of genuine friendship and fellowshipping is still what I use when reaching out to others. Very few people impress me, and she is one of them. I love her and I'm glad that even though only through our blogs, she is still a part of my life. She is an amazing woman and mother and Spencer is such a loving husband and father, to their family.

Your words of comfort and love and prayers are felt by their whole family. They are very appreciative and I wanted to thank all of you for extending such comforting words and genuine love for them at this difficult time.

If you wish to visit and offer your own words of comfort, here's the link:

Let Them Be Little


  1. My prayers and deepest sympathies to the loss of the baby. I'll follow the link.

    Good morning everybody! Have a wonderful fun Sunday from a fellow sitsa.

    Checking in from Zen Cupcake

  2. Thank you for participating in our Spring Party my dear....

    Behold, my friends, the spring is come; the earth has gladly received the embraces of the sun, and we shall soon see the results of their love!


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  4. OMG Chandy.. that is so sad!!! VERY sad!!!

    best wishes to your friends!


  5. I am so sorry for the loss of your friends' baby, Chandy. This is the first time I read about the story and I cried. I lost an 8 day old baby too so I know exactly how they feel. My prayers are with them..Christine

  6. Oh, Christine! I'm so glad I met you through your blog...

  7. Hi Chandy...thanks for your sweet words on my Met Monday post! :-) BTW, the party is at Pretty Organzied Palace and not Linda's...I just corrected it in my post. :-) Here's the link to the host blog:

  8. Thanks, Susan. I figured it out and I let her know that I'll be there!

  9. May God bless your friend Crystal & her family and give them the comfort that they need. I've just left a comment on her blog.

    Angelic Accents

  10. Thank you, Stephanie. I truly appreciate it!


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