Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Smorgasboard & New Header

Hosted by "A Southern Daydreamer"

First of all, did you all notice my new header? I wanted to show off my own tablescapes to give this blog more of my signature. You like...?

My son turned 7 years old three days ago. And since we practice not spending any money or doing any business on Sundays, the festivities got started on Saturday!

We have a lot of birthday traditions for our children:
Choice of restaurant for either lunch or dinner
Choice of cake from Mommy
Choice of birthday gifts (no more wrapping for me! :-D)
And three birthday celebrations if the actual birthday falls on a Sunday!
Always a birthday party, even if it's just to eat cake.

So now that you know that about my family, my darling son chose to eat at Chili's (or McDonald's as a back up) for his birthday after we indulged him at Toys R Us where he also got a shoutout for his birthday, a paper crown and a mylar balloon (sweet deal!).

He's never been to Chili's before but, as previously mentioned all of my darlings are brainiacs, so from the last report cards, we had coupons for free kids' meals at Chili's! (I forgot the coupons... "Brain wasn't happy with me) Anyway, we get there and he chooses mac-n-cheese, mandarin oranges and lemonade (same thing he asks for at home, only it cost me over $7!) So we enjoy our lunch, and the waiter comes back and as a frugal mom, I ask nicely, "It's his birthday (as if it's not obvious, he's still wearing his crown!) and I'm wondering (since I forgot the coupons for the free kids' meals showing off how smart my children are), do you do anything special for birthdays?"
He was quick to say that they normally sing aloud, but since they are busy, they can give him a FREE dessert- any one on their menu!
Awesome, since we all wanted to share this one yummy looking piece of yumminess... It seemed like eons before he came back with it but when he did, the real thing was 10 times better than the picture! Did I mention that on top was a huge scoop of ice cream covered in chocolate shell? Yah, drool fest is in town!
And since there were six of us, including my teen's boyfriend (man, that still sounds weird to me!) Daniel came along, we finished off that puppy in under 30 seconds!
Do we feel guilty for such an indulgence, no way! I just told you the ratio was 6 to 1. This sweet confection did not stand a chance and the calories burned from the sheer act of fighting over, I mean sharing one dessert were more than what the dessert started with! Gotta love that!

Chili's "Chocolate Molten Lava cake" or should I say primo dessert! Do you agree that that looks delicious? Hah, what did I tell ya?

Have you been to Chili's before?

Me personally I've only been there once before, back when I was a teen, on a date with a cutie who was a tad too eager. Never saw him again after that date! Plus they kept messing up my burger! :-)

I can't wait to see where today's posts take us! OW's are always so exciting! Meet you at the next location! Thanks, Susan for hosting another fun Outdoor Wednesday!


  1. Happy Birthday to your son! Seven was my favorite birthday ever. :-)

    And that cake does look divine. Makes me really want a piece!

    Happy Outdoor Wednesday to you and thanks for sharing your son's birthday with us...


    Sheila :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to your son! Ok, I have a fork and a napkin. May I have a bite of that Chocolate Molten Lava cake?
    Happy Outdoor Wednesday!

  3. Happy Outdoor Wednesday Chandy! Happy Bithday to your son! I haven't been to Chili's in ages...but the cake lots great! Thanks for sharing your photos.


  4. Sheila: I'm glad to do it! Thanks!

    Joyce: I'll grab a fork, too!:-) Thanks!

    Susan: Yeah, that was my 2nd time to go. Thank you!

  5. Oh my that dessert really does look good! A late Happy Birthday to your son!

  6. Oh I love Chili's! LOL Happy OW!

  7. Maligayang bati to your little boy! Yummm...that photo of chocolate lava cake makes my mouth water...c'mon Chandy, I'm on a diet here! But then again I can enjoy the photo without gaining weight. Thanks!

  8. Belated Happy birthday to your son, Chandy! That cake looks so yummylicious! I would love to meet you too! If you ever need a relaxing vacation, come on over and be our guest!...Christine

  9. Hi Chandy,

    Years ago we happened to be hungry for lunch so we popped into a Chili's. We were greeted by the entire staff and given a free meal and a LOT of gifts. It turned out that we were the new restaurant's first customers! What a fun time that was.

    Happy Birthday wishes to your son.

    All the best, Lana @ Showers of Blessings

  10. Ellen B: It was, I want to come back! Thanks!

    Tea Lady: That is awesome! That is something I can definitely get into! Thank you!

  11. Marie: Maraming salamat! That's why we shared only one because I knew I could eat a whole one after that first bite! :-)

  12. Christine: Thanks, I will definitely let you know! So cool! I should know a little bit more by mid-May...

  13. Happy Birthday to your son! He must have had a ball! It all sounds like great fun!
    Oh, yes! I noticed your new header and now this looks like you! You did well.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  14. Shelia: Thank you for noticing! He did have a lot of fun!

    Kathy: Hello and thank you for visiting again!

  15. Sounds like your son had a really fun day. And that dessert looks great! Love your new header, in particular the red and white polka dot tablescape! Kathy

  16. Great outdoor wednesday picture, the colours are so eye-catching. The cake looks so appealing!

  17. MMmmmm that LOOOKS so yummy!!

    Thanks for your visit and very kind compliment!


  18. That Chocolate Molten Lava cake looks TERRIFIC. Wish I had a piece! Karen

  19. I love your header. The tablescapes are beautiful. Happy belated birthday to your son. I would have loved to had that cake all to myself.

  20. First: Love your header. With a table like that, I think I'd try to linger a little longer in the dining room :-)Very nice table setting. Why is it the color red is always associated with food or drinks and very attractive too. let's see, McDonals, jollibee, KFC, the Chili's in your post :-)

    Second: happy birthday to your little guy. I'm sure you all enjoyed celebrating his birthday! But I bet he was having a blast with his crown and all :-)He'll be the royalty for the day.

    Oh and that dessert looks yummy. Chocolate you say? Mmmmmmmmmm

    Third: Hello from Phils. Baguio City has already celebrated the month-long Panagbenga Festival for 14 years. The SM float (Baguio branch) is really big, it was the only portion I can get with all the crowd :-) The gazebo on the first picture was actually a part of that float :-)

  21. I'm kind of late but belated Happy Birthday to your son. :-) Love your header!!! Cake looks yummy.(sarap)

  22. Wow ladies, thank you for the visit, late or not! Love you, you rock!

  23. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my OW post. We ate at Chili's for the first time last month and my 8yo just loves it. I like all your bday traditions, especially the not wrapping lol. I really like your blogs, I'll be sure and visit again. :)

  24. Julie: Visit anytime, I'd love to have you! Thank you the awesome comment.

  25. Hi there my first time here and I LOVE that Chili's dessert. Have been to Chili's on several occassions...just for that sublime platter.
    And oh yes my first date was at Chili's too...n have married the date now. ;p


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