Friday, February 6, 2009

Worst Find Ever!

I've been collecting dishes since 1997. None and I mean, none of the ones I've fallen in love with, enough to scrape dirty pennies for, have failed me! Except for one that is- Gibson's chrome mock bamboo-handled silverware! (they also design for Hampton silverware) - BEWARE!

Back in Summer 2007, we uprooted from Mesa, AZ for the cooler-but-more-humid climate of north Texas. We were cruising the aisles of our new local Target for some household cleaners and storage when I saw these spoons.
We are talking LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT!
I couldn't afford the $70 tag for 45 pieces (8/ 5-pc + 5-pc serving set) or the $40 for the 20-piece boxes, so I waited and waited and waited...
Then September 2008 rolls around, I find two of them at Ross tagged for $17.99 each (20-pcs)! Of course, I rushed to tell Charlie, show him, assured him we can afford it, our 12th anniv gift for each other, etc, etc... After we get home, I placed them in the closet, still in the bag, waiting for October- our anniv before using them. Halloween hits and I remember to take them out. Each piece was so beautiful and shiny (oooh...) So, since the handles were much heavier than our old set, we start using them everyday, never thinking that...

After only a month (ONE) of use, a few started to rust, yes, rust as in not fit for consumption use. The handles, backs of spoon, the bottoms have rusted. And more are starting to follow! I researched online and found that the same people who suffered like I did, bought the Hampton brand from Target! You would think that's the worst part, but NOOOO! I call up Gibson USA and they expect a letter of complaint and pictures. To expedite, they asked if I can use their email to send both. So I did. THEY NEVER GOT THEM! I tried sending separately but none ever arrived at the manager's email stop. So I call them (several times) and they revealed that they design for other brand names including Hampton! Then they tell me that lemon-based dishwashing liquid can destroy STAINLESS STEEL silverware!(did you know this?) Well mine is not lemon-based, it is only lemon-scent, artificial at that! Then they asked if my spoons soak in water. I have three kids, of course some of the spoons would end up soaking in something!


So, for the meantime, I am stuck with these rust magnets! I can't afford to replace them since we just got a new dining set (used the FED REF so no debt). Good thing, I've limited entertaining to us + 1 so the few not rusted plus my old set from my sister's Thanksgiving gift, takes care of what we need. Oh well... Maybe when Charlie comes home with a surprisingly big paycheck (highly unlikely- he'll be an Apprentice Mechanic until mid-May), then I can replace my pathetic and just-down-right-badly-coated-and-manufactured utensils!

Anyone have a great experience with a particular brand of utensils? Yes, I'm stalking Kohl's and Marshall's, even Tuesday Morning, but any input is a big help.


  1. I bought a wondeful Cuisinart service for 12 flatware with a hostess set included at Sam's Club 3 years ago and it looks as good as the day I bought it...$50.00 plus tax. So good looking that I went back and bought another one 2 years later. ( different patterns )

    I never got crystal for a wedding present, just Noritake Blue Charm Fine China ( service for 12, 107 pc. set) in 1972 as a wedding gift from my Hubs ( he bought it in Hong Kong for $50.00 )but maybe its time for me to treat myself to some crystal... ???

  2. I would say, yes, yes, yes!!! Go for it girl! It's cheaper than diamonds! Wow, I'm jealous, 107-pcs Noritake Blue Charm? Beaut! :-D


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