Monday, February 9, 2009

Great Find!!!

I've seen this line since last year, but have ignored it (but always hoped to see more). It took a cruise around Sur La Table (pronounced ser la taub) while looking for some V-day cuties coming across this line's cute bowls that I considered them again. (secretly doing the cartwheel now from sheer giddiness of taking this as a sign from the goddess of dinnerware, lol)

Anyway... They are pricey on their own, each one of them. Even Ross can't bring the bowls down from $5.99 since last year (and since Ross is famous for instant 50% off, that meant that said bowls go for $12 a pop!) (Listen, I think if it's a small dainty bowl, I expect a dainty price!)

So, since Easter is peeking around the corner and my original lot of beauties are stashed away under lock and key in storage and currently not accessible, the ol' noggin is abuzzed with alternates. The more things thrown in my mental sorting file ("take another look"/"too hard"/"just ewww!"), the more this line popped in there! Finally, after seeing one I really liked at Tuesday Morning (at a great steal), I decided to use it as an accent for my upcoming Easter tablescapin' adventure! And since my awesome dh can't get my Easter stash out of "stuff" prison, "what now?" wasn't even offered on the table, he just nodded... :-D

(Bordallo Pinheiro-Cabbage trifle bowl w/ lid. Tuesday Morning Grand Opening in our neighborhood; as you can see from $35 down to $15.99- 54%, but with a little nick, barely noticeable, I got it for $7.99, a total of 77%! )

They're all labeled handmade in Portugal, so that makes each one an original in itself (soooo yummy of a fact!). But... since it's a cabbage series, I can also use it on St. Paddies Day! (if I ever get around to it. Plus... I can use it with my Shadow Iris line since it is for my Easter table after all! Also, Filipinos love eating cabbage, so I can see another Filipino dinner coming up!

Yay, two holidays and an ethnic dinner for one dinnerware! Mission accomplished.


  1. Hey Caroline, long time no see. (I hope you remember us from the base) I'm glad you guys are doing well, and I can't believe how grown up your kids are. I saw some old pictures of your kids on your other blog, and that looked more like it. That's how I remember them looking :) I keep seeing your comments on everyone's blogs, and when Lara blogged about your new tablescape blog I couldn't help but check it out. Your tables look fabulous! I love all of your great ideas. I like to make my holiday tables look nice, but never know how. You have so many great ideas on here, and I love that it's all so cheap. Clearance sections are my best friends!

    Katie Minharo

  2. Hi Katie!
    Thanks! How are you? I know my kids just won't stop growing on me! :-D Clearance, gotta love 'em!

  3. Wow...great find ! I just love Tuesday Morning too...BTW, I took the Martha Hostess Quiz and I'm a Thoughtful Hostess...that was really fun !

  4. Thoughtful Hostesses In The House! Yeah!!!

    My local TM is just walking distance from where I live so I can go, browse and get my exercise at the same time! Gotta love that arrangement. :-)

  5. I wish I had a Tuesday Morning. Or even a Ross. SIGH.

    That's gorgeous, Carolyn! One of my friends gave me a very cool cabbage leaf pitcher with a bamboo handle for Christmas. I LOVE it. But it matches nothing. Except your dish right there...

  6. Thanks! I just love it!
    We were surprised over here, too! It just opened up without much notice. Hopefully one will spring up in your area soon.

  7. I wish I had more authentic made in Portugal stuff, my hubby went there on a mission. I really like the Portuguese stuff that is similar to blue willow.

  8. Hello Audrey!

    I'll look it up and seen if I can find something similar from Portugal. I also like going to Cost Plus and they have a lot of dishes made in Portugal.

    Try looking in there some time!


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