Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Inevitable Sacrifices...

So I guess now, I'm hooked on Sur La Table (dot com) and Bordallo dinnerware because I traded over $60 of my Marshall's and Kroger finds to justify getting 8 Bordallo Pinheiro Rooster & Hen Majolica salad plates in green!

Beautiful isn't it? But the real point of this post is... "Are they worth the trade?" YOU BET!

Why? Because I got them for 65% ooofff! Or... $2.99 each from the original $8.49 tag online! (What happened to the difference? DH made sure that I put it away back in that dark, hidden abyss we call our Savings Account (scary lol!!! Oooooohhhh...)
Plus, you can't find them anywhere but Sur La Table! And I looked on Ebay, Amazon and Overstock for like an hour! Each! I also saw the dinner plates that go with it, bea-u-tiful, but "Brain" says, "If it hits 75% off, then you can start THINKING about it."

So I guess I'll wait then... (*sob*) (You see, if "Brain" says no, "Mouth" follows with a loud NO and "Eyes" and "Hands" stay put. Which is a real dilemma because "Hands" is in charge of reaching into my wallet, so if "Hands" don't want to listen to me by having "Eyes" watch him like a hawk, I can't buy it! See how simple that arrangement is?)

Buh-bye for now to you my precious darlings! But I'll visit you soon enough... And once I can afford you all, I'll get you home as soon as I can!

Now if I only I can find good white scalloped dinner plates, I'll be ready for Eas-----ter! Which reminds me... I need to go back to Marshall's and snatch up that beautiful Rabbit egg platter in the same shade and it's 45% off!
I know I have money for that- the couch was generous today! :-)

(Don't worry, "Brain" is always watching me...)


  1. Beautiful plate! Can't blame you for wanting to have them!...Christine

  2. I know... I couldn't resist them even after I waited three days to decide if I really want them.


  3. Those are definitely gorgeous!

  4. Thanks, Lara!

    I loved them the moment I saw them... I can't wait to see them in a few days!

  5. Gotta love Bordallo...your's were a great buy!

  6. Hello Cami! Welcome and thanks, I love them!

  7. That plate is gorgeous! I also love th ered soup bowls on your sidebar!

    Thanks for dropping by Thrifty Thursday's in Bloggeritaville! I appreciate your support!


  8. It's fun to do! I love finding great deals!


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