Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Nature Rules

This is my very first "What's On Your Wall" and 2nd "Outdoor Wednesday". How exciting! Big, big thanks to both "Grits and Glamour" and "A Southern Daydreamer" for hosting these fun memes! The links to their blogs are below each logo.

Hosted by "Grits and Glamour"

My hubby's only print of his beloved commercial airliners (2002). I got this poster from one of his magazines for $1.00; S&H- FREE! He left the magazine on the kitchen counter on purpose for his Christmas gift from me. Clever and effective! We had it framed on his birthday, a month later at Michael's for 50% off- the frame cost more than the print!

TABLESCAPING IDEAS:(Love "Brain" for helping me come up with this...) Pick pictures with a theme and frame them accordingly on small frames. Use white and green or floral plates with green placemats on bare table for nature themes and coordinating plates for other themes. In the middle for a centerpiece, choose three sizeable items to giveaway the theme with a few candles around or anything fun around it. Place these framed cuties on each plate with the person's name assigned to that seat and ask each guest to come up with an image for their picture. After everyone is done with their "image" about the picture, hand the frame to the next person and start over again until each picture comes back to the original plate. You have an instant conversation starter and a game to immerse everyone in the theme of your tablescape!

Hosted by "A Southern Daydreamer"

Here are a few of God's creatures residing near us! Sometimes, they are the simplest tokens to show us how we are all connected...

Thank you so much for stopping by; make sure to check out others' choices on their own blogs!


  1. How nice to have had the photo framed for your hubby! Love the wildlife photos, too!...Debbie

  2. The airplane picture is cool -- and how clever is your hubby?! ;-)

    Thanks for visiting our blog :-) You asked about where I got the star hanging in my hallway.... I bought it at a shop in a little town outside of Ottawa. But I'm sure you could find something similar -- maybe check at Pier 1 Imports.

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  3. Chandy, Love these outdoor pics! How neat to put labels on them to remember the date & place of each. My fav is the wolf... =)

  4. Happy Outdoor Wednesday! Wondeful outdoor pictures! Thanks for sharing your photos.


  5. Loved your pics. especially the coyote. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Kelly: Welcome and Thank you! I'll look in Pier 1, I'm going there today!

    Catherine: Thanks, I didn't want to forget them.

    Susan: Thank you, I love doing it, it's fun!

  7. Sue: The coyote was both majestic and intimidating! Thanks! I'm actually proud of that photo...

  8. Hi Caroline! Wow, look at all the little creatures around you. I haven't seen a coyote in person for many years!
    Thanks for the visit,
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  9. Hi there...this is my first visit to your wonderful blog...Your nature photos are amazing...especially the coyote; however, I'd have fear he might try to eat one of my little Poms...;-) Bo

  10. Chandy,
    Thanks for the blog award and for taking the time to visit my kitchen blog !

    I love the butterfly pic taken at the Temple...I was surprised with myself that I have been doing themes on my walls and didn't realize it. I read once that you can tell a lot about a person by what they hang on their walls in their home and bedrooms... I guess I'm A-O.K. in that department...Great post...I have catching up to do since I was away for a few days !

  11. Nice of you for taking the bait and getting the pic and have it framed for you hubby. Love the nature pictures...Christine

  12. Nice captures of the critters around your place :0)Happy O.W. to you...

  13. You are so fortunate to have so many animals who live around in your area. Nice pictures! Happy OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY.

  14. Chandy, what a wonderful group of photos. Enjoyed seeing them SO much! Wishing you a very Happy Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  15. The coyote picture is so cool! I would love to get a picture like that. I've been trying to get a picture of a possum that visits us (LOL) but they are REALLY fast! Happy OW! :)

  16. Shelia: Thank you! I love that picture, too!

    Bo: I know what you mean, a pom did get eaten by one of those. Yikes!

    Lynn: How are you? I'm glad you're back! No worries, you are awesome just the way you are. You visit this blog, of course you're awesome! :-D

  17. Christine: I actually saw that picture before, but I pretended that I didn't see the magazine. So it was already in the works before he did that but I didn't buy until he did that. :-D

    Ellen B: Hello and welcome! I know I love our frontyard, it overlooks a clearing...

    Joyce: I know, it's so exciting to see all these creatures!

  18. Sheila: Thanks and Happy OW to you also! :-D

    Kathy: I didn't know possums are fast. That's cool to know! Glad to see you for a quick visit here.

  19. I love your outdorr pics, they are so nice and so is the gift you got your hubby! cindy

  20. Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I enjoyed your photos! Happy OW to you too!

  21. You have taken some great shots - wow - love the intricate detail. Linda

  22. Cynthia: Thank you, they are keepers!

    Olive: Happy OW to you as well. Thank you!

    Linda: Thanks, I love that they turned out as well as they did.

  23. Love the photos. Thanks for the visit!

  24. Vicki: Hello and welcome! Thank you!

  25. I enjoyed your special series of God's creatures.

    Kathy b

  26. Hi Chandy,
    Thanks for the visit today! You have some great shots of creatures! They always seem to get away from me...guess I'm not quiet enough!

  27. Kathy B: Thank you, I did too!

    Diane: I think some of them are just too lazy to move, lol! Thank you!


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