Friday, February 6, 2009

Bye bye to old, Hello to new!

After 11 years of beautiful tablescaping adventures, my little fam of 5 say goodbye to our old and big solid oak table (*sob*). Our dining area is too small, the kids kept whacking the rounded edges and access to the kitchen when we're entertaining is almost impossible! Who wants that, right? (*sob*) Even though I love that table (*sob*) I have to think of all the bruises, stubbed toes, ripped stitches from sleeves, the squeezing (oh, those painful squeezes just to get to the other side)(*sob*).
Anyway... (still sobbing) I knew that I wanted a more Asian decor without the stereotypical little tokens associated with an Asian home. After all, I am also part Spanish (Europe, Spain), so I can't go too ethnic on both or my home will fall under eclectic and that's just not my style!

No ma'am! So... when we saw this new one, I fell in love with the color, look and the slimmer figure (now if only I can slim down that quick then we're set! I wish!)

As we said buh-bye to the ole' oakey, we say hello to our new Rubberwood dark chocolate Pagoda 6-pc set from Cost Plus World Market! We picked it up last Monday morning and it was heavy! (Good thing dh is so up to the task with his mus-kles!)

Ready to take a look-see? Are ya? Alright, here they are... (old and new of course- gotta build up the thrill factor, lol)

My ole' oakey is off to a wonderful couple who's been looking for someone like her... She's not old, the warehouse we got her from gave us a 50-year minimum lifespan, so she's still a tween (*sob*).

I just love this set!!!
It was 53% off in store (that's how we bought it) and would have been 65% off online (but they didn't want to honor the paper ad)
It's a sturdy and beautiful table
(four legs with brace, oh yeah, it's not going anywhere!)
4 chairs and a bench!
(I've always wanted one...)

Oh, don't forget to participate in the giveaway! I can't wait to see who wins my very first contest! I hope it's you (or you or you!)

I'll also post with the winner (and her referring person), my 2009 Valentine Tablescape. (sealed lips. no clues here...)


  1. Love this blog...I'm kinda hooked on 'scapes all over the house...on every flat surface !

    The new dining room set is more in keeping with your it and you have the same china set as my daughter's...very versatile !

  2. Thanks, Lynn! I love it, too! So excited to start using the new table...

  3. The new table is beautiful and we are LOVING that blue setting in the side bar... got to love Ross!!!

  4. Everything is all so wonderful! I have only used my wedding china 1 time I say under my breath!!!!

  5. Thanks, Crystal, you've got me curious about yours now... I figured since I didn't have any much storage, I might as well use them all. I miss my hutch (in the storage). It held so much of my plates without complaining. I can't wait to dig it out (hopefully soon!)...

  6. SITS Girls: Hey guys! Thanks for visiting! I hope I earned points to be featured one day! That would be so cool!


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