Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Three or More Tuesday!

I'm happy to say that I found a great tablescaping blog to bounce ideas out of! Susan of Between Naps on the Porch is very creative and bless her soul, she likes this blog! ("Brain says, Susan must be that cool if she likes this blog!")

Anyway, before I get anymore lost on feeling good about myself, I visited her blog again and found this "Three or More Tuesday" thing that her and her blog friends do, to show each other the three or more things they love or found and fell in love with!

So, to join in on the fun, here is my first set of...

"Three or More" Tuesday
(Hosted by The Gypsy's Corner)

My Asian Vases!

These two are my first set of vases I found from Ross
after we moved here in Summer 2007, for $5.99 each!

These two were from Garden Ridge, the last two I saw and haven't seen since, for 40% off, then when I went to the cashier, both rang up 50% off! Yes!

This one, I've watched since last year, but was never
on sale, Ross wise, so when I saw it again this January, for $3.49,
I snatched it up!

In Feng Shui, vases are considered holders of chi, and since you want to make good chi linger, you should have about 8, the most auspicious number in Feng Shui!
(Now, where can I find the other special 3?)

TABLESCAPING IDEA: You can use these as individual or matching centerpieces on their own, on top of your table, no tablecloth needed! Surround it with low candles and choose coordinating simple shallow bowls with chopsticks on top, grab some good Chinese take out and "voila!" instant and gorgeous authentic Chinese dinner and table! See, I'm just full of sweet, sweet ideas! Love me yet? ;-D

If you are new to this blog, WELCOME!
Make sure to leave a comment or two, linger for a little bit and let me know how I'm doing, ok? OK!

Ok, I'm off to link up to show these to other great bloggers like you!


  1. You really have an interesting collection of vases. What a great deal you got on that last one you showed us! I just counted my vases and I have 4 out :0)

  2. Love your Asian vases! And Yes! I like your blog....Christine

  3. Ellen B: Thank you! I love looking at all of them in stores, but I'm picky, picky as to which ones I want to bring home! Visit again soon!

    Xinex: Thanks you! Visit again soon!

  4. I'm back! I just found out you're a Filipina so we have at least 2 things in common: being a Filipina and love for tablescaping!...Christine

  5. Nice collection. I like the ones from garden Ridge the best. Happy 3 or More Tuesday! Looking forward to seeing your tables on Tablescape Thursdays.

  6. Nice colors on your collection.

  7. Christine: Yay for Filipinas and tablescaping!

    Cami: Thank you, they're my favorite, too!

    Candy: Welcome! Guess what? I'm Candy, too! My nickname that is... Yay for Candy's!!!

    Thanks for the love ladies! (*blushing*)

  8. Cami: I will so be there for the Tablescape Thursday! Thanks for the reminder!

  9. CC, Ross is one of my favorite places, and that price on that vase can't be beat! I have a lot of vases in my house as I love them. Many pairs and some spares. In this one room, I have a bunch! :-)

    I have a large oriental painting over a long sideboard in one room of this house, and I love it. Two large metal garden urns (lidded) are on either side, and I love them, too. They are from China as well. My favorite, though, is blue and white Chinese porcleain vases, and Ross has some NEAT ones! :-)


    Sheila :-)

  10. Sheila; I agree!!! Ross is chock full of surprises sometimes. I love the toned down ones because I just love Autumn... I hope to see your painting soon! :)

    Love ya for visiting!

  11. Gollum: Thank you so much! I think so, too! :D

  12. Blue Willow is my dream china! I even collect vases in the blue/white theme, I have 10 if you count the two small round ones...

  13. Hi Audrey, check E-bay. There were some inexpensive ones that are big sets, but I need to wait on mine. Maybe it'll be my Anniversary present this year. Cross your fingers...

    It is a beautiful design isn't it?

  14. Gorgeous vases!

    Happy Three or More Tuesday


  15. Hello Susan! Thanks, I love this "little get together".

    See you tomorrow!

  16. Thank you so much for joining 'Three Or More'. Your vases are absolutly gorgeous and based on what I've seen while browsing through your blog I believe we like many of the same dish patterns. I'll be back often; since I've run out of dish storage I need to start to get my 'dish-fix' through all of my other dish collecting friends hehe.
    Have a wonderful evening and thank you again for participating.

  17. The shapes of and designs on the vases are wonderful.

  18. Tam: I had so much fun! I've always just wanted to find a reason to share my love of great finds and great tables. It's nice to find so many wonderful women that have the same love as I do. I'll be stopping by often, too!

    Carrie: I love them also, I'm so picky, the designs have to speak to me before I choose them, then I check out the price. :-D

  19. Love your vases. VERY interesting! Gotta love a Ross find or ANY clearance find. I am all about the deal!

  20. Sherri S: Thanks! I love going to Ross, too and anywhere that they have fun stuff for my house. :D

  21. Beautiful vases...love how they look on the mantel! Love your sense of humor, too! :-) Thanks for the Feng Shui lesson! :-) Susan

  22. Susan, you are very welcome! It helps with my creative juices when I laugh at myself. :-D


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