Saturday, February 14, 2009

And the Winner(s) Is (are)...

Ok ladies... I employed my most neutral people on this drawing: three very tired (and sleepy) kiddos that now hate me because I made them stay up late while I did a dry run on the tablescape, cut all the entries (on each, the name of the person and who referred them. Which turned out to be a lot, since you were all awesome!!!)

Each child, though sleepy, wanted more than anything to dip into this pot and help out their "Mama" to find the deserving winners.

There were more entries than we all anticipated. (Awesome!!!) Each sleepyhead took turns dipping; I told them to wait to open the papers until all have an entry from the pot. And behold, as if "Father Time" was feeling sorry for my children being sleep deprived by their psycho mother, all three drew the SAME NAMES!

Without further ado... here's the recipient(s) of the two $30 Target Giftcards.

(Drum roll, please, "Brain"...)

(Did I mention "Brain is an accomplished drummer?" Not!)

(Ok, "Brain", just announce it already!)

Lara of Overstuffed!!!

And since I referred her and it's my giveaway, she gets both giftcards! Congratulations, Lara!!! Make sure to give me your address of where you want me to mail your new awesome shopping tools! (Yes, ladies, giftcards are tools!)

Wow, giveaways are hard on the heart... Don't forget to congratulate her!

I'll have to wait a few hours to post the V-day tablescape. I'm exhausted!!!


  1. Congrats Lara ! I am so happy for her...she is a sweetheart...that was fun LOL

  2. Yeah, Congrats, that was fun and nerve-wracking! LOL

  3. Wow! Wow! Wow! I guess I should think that was totally kismet, but are you sure that you don't want to draw another name for the other card?

  4. That's up to you now if you want to share the love.


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