Friday, February 13, 2009

Pagnossin 851

Hello everyone!!!

I am so excited for all of you who entered my very first contest, I almost want to pick a winner now! But that wouldn't be fun, wouldnt' it? To keep you at the edge of your seats, let me share another great addition to my growing dinnerware repertoire. (Oooh, that's French, I feel so grown up!) :-D

If you look on the sidebar, you'll see that I also use FreeCycle to add to my collection. I've only been a part of it since early this year, so I haven't fully utilized it. But those few times that I've had, I've gotten a white cake stand (sidebar), a bird cage (no, it's not for the table...) and today, I picked up this morning...

Seven (7) FREE Italian ceramic Pagnossin salad plates!

It is a solid beige plate that has a simple chocolate striping on the verge and rim edge. That means... each one is perfect to pair with my Mocha Swirl plates for the next V-day table!!! Yes! And since there are seven, if one breaks, I still have a full six place settings to use! I love that guarantee!

Thanks, Teri K, for parting with these very chic cosmopolitan looking plates. Did I mention they are authentic Pagnossin's? (they are among the better ceramic and china manufacturers in Italy since the '70s, but have been making ceramic dinnerware since the '50s.)

To compare, the current pricing for the salad plates, I found Pagnossin Taupe-Rim; a salad plate is steady at $11.99 and dinner plate at $33.99 each at Replacements, Ltd.

So, yes, "Brain" and I are celebrating!!! Yes, yes, yes!!!

Here's what the back looks like:

(This is no longer the logo you'll see in the back of Pagnossin dishes. The new one looks embossed, similar to what you'll see on
I presume this is just before they were fully automated. I can't find this pattern- 851 on any English written sites, nor any pictures, so I don't know if it is still being distributed in Europe. I placed the stack on my pink cake stand to drop a hint of what's to come...)

Make sure to check in tomorrow: I know I said after 5PM, but in my excitement I may just announce the winner earlier than that! Stay tuned!


  1. Freecycle is genius... That's so awesome how you're getting all these great things for free.
    I'm so psyched to use all these brand new finds!

  2. I know me, too! And no, you still can't enter the giveaway... Thanks for liking the new table! I can't wait to share it!

  3. Lara: Thanks, I'm glad you think so, too!


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