Thursday, February 12, 2009

"Brain" Strikes Again!

And this time she waged war on Sur La Table! With "Mouth", Charlie and me. (Of course, she won!)

Do you remember the first "ITEM OF THE WEEK" on the sidebar? It was this cute, whimsical 8.25" x 3" red embossed heart cake stand. Anyway... I ordered this cutie on Feb 2, full price (I know, I know... But it was soooo cute!- I, too, am subject to weakness from time to time, ain't I?)

Back track to Feb 6- I saw this cutie offered down to $8.99 or 40% off (Woo-hoo!!! I'm free from the bondage of retail cuteness angle! I can now spare my fingernails that are now down to pathetic nubs from guilt.)

Fast forward to Feb 10- Charlie and "Brain" cornered me into dialing for an explanation.

("Brain" was fuming... DH was in the living room with us when he too, asked, "What's up with that? They didn't ship it until the 10th? What happened to your order? You need to call them.")

("I'm on it before you even thought it. Carolyn, dial already!")

So I dialed and a nice lady picked up the call. Charlie was mouthing out what I should be asking. (Man, I feel so bossed around!) To continue, I politely asked why my order didn't get processed to be shipped the next business day from my order date. The associate, after looking up my order manifesto (I like that word, so business like), she sheepishly with a cute nervous laugh, declares, "I don't know what happened, ma'am. That shouldn't have happened. I don't know what to tell you."

("What kind of an explanation is that? What are they gonna do about it? Ask, Carolyn, ask!")

DH is also intently waiting for me to continue the conversation so I did; I asked, "Well, now that it was just shipped today, is it still guaranteed to arrive on Valentine's Day? That's obviously when I need it." The embarrassed lady on the phone says honestly, "I understand that. But I don't know, ma'am, because it says here 5-7 business days. I don't think so..."

Now, it was my turn to get upset! "What?! That's the only reason why I ordered it! Why even order it if you can't guarantee it, or now that I can't use it for what it's intended for?

("You stick it to 'em, Carolyn! Atta, girl!")("Brain, just let me handle this, will ya?")

(But "Brain" couldn't let it go; so questions like, "What are you going to do about it, Sur La Table?" "Don't we need to be compensated for this inconvenience?!", were spit out through "Mouth". She mostly listens to "Brain" too, before me. I'm just a puppet really...)

The lady finally said, "I can't stop it to upgrade your shipping for free nor can I give you anymore discount, but what I can and will do for the inconvenience, is to give you back your shipping fee of $5.50. So that means, your card will be debited back that amount as well as the 40% off discount." I finished the confirmations and hung up. I relayed everything back to anxiously waiting Charlie who planted himself in front of the desk.

("That's more like it! You did well, grasshopper...") Then they let me gloat with them.

Afterall, I saved $11.51 or 56%!!!
and they took off the tax, too!

It arrived this afternoon, two days before V-day! So got my money's worth!
VICTORY once again! "Brain" - 2; Walmart & Sur La Table - Zippo!!!
(Ok, tell me this isn't cute enough to snatch up at $15.oo; I dare ya!)

Charlie was pleased as well- how can he not? A $20.50 acquisition, but we only dented the account by $8.99? The "what now" question was pacified, too, since it will be put to use for EVERY Valentine's and/or our Anniv Days- for both Dating and Wedding... Whew!

"Brain" says hello to all, "Mouth" too! And they both wonder... How was your day?


  1. What a clever post !
    Oh, my gosh, that is soooo cute ! And what a find...I would like to be nosey and see where you manage to stash/store all your pretty things...I have run out of room...any ideas ???

  2. Hello Lynn!

    My supportive dh was nice enough to get me some shelves up in our pantry. My glasses are held by my two low cabinets in the dining room, and the cakestands, they're on the shelf. My other ones, they go back to the "Stuff" Prison until we need them again. You'll surprise yourself when you really want to stash something away...

  3. Oh, I also do a lot of cycling, so I have about two holidays ready for use while the others get boxed up or put away on high shelves.

  4. Like I said....luckiest person ever! I love the cake stand and I am thrilled that you got it in plenty of time for Valentine's Day!

  5. Me too!!! It really is that cute! I can't wait to stack the chocolates on it, YUM!

  6. Thanks CC, got to get my Hubs on the construction crew thing ( for shelves Etc.) and I will also start staging my stash of pretty things like you holiday...great idea, no more digging for things and keeping 2 holidays ahead will really help LOL

  7. Hi Lynn, now I'll be the one curious for pictures! Make sure to post some when you get it done.


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