Sunday, February 8, 2009

Trade Secrets

Alright, since I really can't keep these things to myself (not like I haven't shared it already!), I might as well tell you how I find these great dishes that spark this looove of mine.

1. Just Lookin'. If you're in any multi-purpose stores like Target or Walmart, cruise their clearance aisles or the dishes aisles. Most have things on clearance on the bottom shelves or endcaps. At Ross or Marshall's, put together different dishes for ideas.

2. Baby Steps. I don't get my dishes all at once (doesn't that sound nice though, huh?). Keep in mind also the number of people you normally want to invite over + your fam. 6, 8 or 12 settings is the norm count for small gatherings.

3. Easy to Use. Stick with solid colors or subtle designs. They are easier to mix and match.

4. Lasting Color. I choose colors that can span different holidays. For example, RED can be for V-day, Christmas, Anniv, Independence, Halloween, Thanksgiving and birthdays of red lovers in your fam or even that "once in a blue moon" Girls' Night Out.

5. Fuzzy Clearance. If it's not at least 40% off, don't bother! 'Nuff said.

6. Stretch out Lincoln. Even Dollar Tree can surprise you, so take a look around.

7. Point out Flaws. Inspect your choice and tattle on any flaws to the store "suit". Ask politely if they can give you a discount. Many will say yes (but don't bank on it). It's fun that's for sure!

8. Be Patient. If not the first time, it just means there's a better one next time. Also, join Freecycle and see if anyone is willing to part with pitchers, cake stand, tablecloths, etc.

9. Again and Again. Even if it's your wedding china, use them! You got it for a reason, find one to use them on! If it's a one time wonder, you wasted your money! Even if it's every 1 or 5 years, dishes are for use, not for display or be doomed to stay in a box that's probably as expensive as they are.

10. Sniff and Stalk. Visit Kohl's, Marshall's, TJM, Ross, Tuesday Morning, and even some specialty stores. You never know what you'll find until you walk in and around the store.

11. Make time and make it a date. If the dh knows what you're doing and planning, plus it's a cheap date, he may just race you to the car keys. Mine and I, we talk of possibilities: who we'll invite over, what food I'll make for it and what dessert he can choose. That gets him excited!

12. Check with the checkbook. If you can't afford it, don't buy it! Period.


  1. Great tips ! You know, your blog is just feeding my obsession for everything for the table and elsewhere for 'scapes...glad to know I'm not the only one...I love it ! Thanks !

  2. Lynn, glad to help! Love, love, love tablescaping, but you already knew that!

  3. I'm here to enter the give away...

    I came from SITS {great site huh!!}

    I love all the tips some I knew and some I didn't, but it's a great ideas!!!! thanks

  4. Welcome Leah! Hope you win!

  5. Ooh, a list! I love lists! I've heard pieces of this at one point or another, but not all at once. It wasn't conveniently numbered either...

  6. Good tips! thanks for sharing!


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