Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Outdoor Wednesday

Hosted by "A Southern Daydreamer"

This is another fun thing gleaned from Susan's blog that also promises a lot of fun and if you're anything like me, (a psycho, I mean creative) who's always looking for great ideas, I'm soooo all over this one!
It's all about appreciation of the outdoors! That is such a "boss" idea (uh-oh, I'm turning into my teen!) So, go out there take a picture of something great outdoors and find ways to be happy with your surroundings. (NO- four padded white walls DO NOT count! I already asked. Sorry...)

Onto what we're talking about: OUTDOOR WEDNESDAY

Here are my pictures:

January 29, 2009; Foggy morning during a freeze warning in north Texas

January 5, 2009;Icicle on the trees right outside our apartment after a Freeze warning

August 9, 2008; Six Flags Arlington-the entrance fountain just right after the ticket booths.

April 30, 2008; DFW Zoo- This is an actual bend of an orange-plumed Flamingo; their shrimp diet is more of the orange variety rather than pink, their common color

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: (Ok, you'll soooo love me for this awesome idea!) You can take these cute pictures (even abstract ones), and shrink them to maybe 2x3s or even as big as 4x4s (1/2 an inch thick), find cute frames for them or slap those babies onto square beveled wood painted white, glue or use contact paper, smooth out and on the back put a hanging contraption. Add a semi chunky color-coordinating ribbon and "voila!" you have a hanging display of the outdoors from your chandelier or ceiling next time you're entertaining in the winter and everything is frosted out by the last snowstorm! Or you can have an instant guessing game by using abstract or super close-up of images. Your guests will love looking at the pictures while having an instant conversation piece! Make sure that if you're using candles, don't use the long tapers because the last thing you want is a fire on your hands. Rather, use those long chunky pieces of scrap 4x4s, drill about 6-12 tealight size holes in them, paint the whole thing white, and let that be your only centerpiece at the table in the middle of a runner close to the shade of ribbons. (Told you you'll love me (big proud grin on my face now); I always find ideas to turn into tablescapes, hence the blog description above!)

Now let me submit these before my kids get home from school; uploading and setting up these pictures weren't easy! Especially after "Brain" abandoned me after the first upload. Sigh...
Have a good day!


  1. CC, I love photos taken in the fog. Good job! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Melissa: Welcome to my blog! It was great seeing your pictures as well. Thanks.

  3. Hi CC! This is my first time to visit. I am enjoying seeing your vases and tablescapes in your other entries, as well as your seasonal photos for Outdoor Wednesday. Ice storms are scary business but so beautiful.

    All the best, Lana

  4. I love the picture with the fog!!

  5. CC, what wonderful pictures! And I never would have guessed that was the neck of a flamingo! What a neat picture. Here's wishing you a wonderful Outdoor Wednesday!


    Sheila :-)

  6. Welcome to Outdoor Wednesday Carolyn

    Beautiful pictures..... love the wintry ones!

    Thanks for sharing your photos.


  7. Beautiful pictures,I so enjoyed them.

  8. Just loved the pics...the fog one is my fave !
    Whoa...17 followers already ? Awesome !

  9. What interesting photos. Such contrasts you captured. Happy outdoor Wednesday to you...

  10. Such great the one of the flamingo!

  11. Hi Lynn! Thanks! I know having 17 awesome and gorgeous people love your blog is like so cool! The fog and the flamingo is my fave.

  12. Ellen: And to you as well! Welcome!

    April: Thanks! Love the flamingo, also!

  13. Great photos, love the fog and ice (because they weren't here haha) And that flamingo shot is awesome (great, now I sound like my daughter) She goes to school in Denton and told me that she needed more warm clothes because it's way colder there than here (she's 3 hrs away) I am starting to believe her from these pix! Thanks for sharing, Kathy

  14. THAT Six Flags is my FAVORITE!! And the Dallas Zoo :)

  15. Kathy: It's been kind of nippy, chilly, windy over here, but it was warm today. Denton huh? We're here in Carrollton. The proof is in the pudding as they say!

    Kathy (too!): You're a fan, huh? We had fun at both places, that's why I chose them.

    Thanks, ladies!


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