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Tabletop Goodies & Got Tagged Twice!

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Gotta love Sundays! A day of reverence, quiet and uplifting hymns and reflections, like reliving a post! Chari, our host thought this would be a good idea, and she's right! Make sure to see who else wants to go down memory lane...

I did and I still love this post where I realized that I my collection is growing! Unfortunately, most of them are still in storage...

This one is from March 7, 2009

I didn't realize how much TABLE GOODIES I have already! And I've acquired all of them at a great price or they were given to me.

Sa-weet! Hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I do! These are just some... On the sidebar, you'll see a little bit more. Also, those you've seen from my other posts. I even amazed myself!

("Brain", remind me to give my hubby a big kiss tomorrow for letting me have this much fun with our tables!)

I guess eleven years of collecting + 4 years of storing dating crystal will give you a sizeable stash. Yay, me!!!

75% off retail- Ross. These two square Tuscan platters were Ross finds. I needed them for a church function and when I got them, they were slashed down to half off the Ross price tag. So my total savings from retail was 75% off! It's actually greener up close...

50% off- Target. These are Target's Holiday '08 line called "Snowfall Splendor" in gold. It also came in platinum. I waited after Christmas and snagged 8 for the price of 4!

FREE- It was gifted to me before we left California. This is from Montgomery Ward, I think it's called "Autumn Foliage", I'm not sure. The dinnerware set that came with this, all had heat cracks and I had to give them to a friend of mine who loved them despite the crack. I handwash this every time I use it. I don't want to damage it in anyway.

66% off- Tuesday Morning. I found these Gorham "Flowering Meadow" flutes (I got water goblets, too) at Tuesday Morning that just opened up near us this month. $5 a piece instead of $15.

50% off- Ross. These are my Blossom china. I don't know what they are called. The dinner plate (behind pitcher) are so big that they could pass for chargers, but they only had two, so I only grabbed one because I wanted at least one of all the different pieces. I just recently found others they made and they are just as beautiful, but Ross acquired them in small quantities and "lookie-loos" managed to crack and ding them.

80% off- Target. I found these originally at $2.50, but since I was the only one who was lucky enough to find the only 12 good ones, the manager sold it to me for 50 cents each!

FREE- 1st wedding anniversary- Costco, 1997. My Nikko "Precious" dinnerware for our first wedding anniversary. I've used it on several occasions.

FREE- A gift before we left California. These are called "White Christmas" done exclusively for Montgomery Ward; and the glasses were giftted to me by my MIL the following year. Not of the same line, but very complimentary (ha, complimentary design for a complimentary (aka FREE) set of glasses! I made a joke!)

90% off- Fry's Grocery store. These are Mulberry "Swirls" in Mocha and I found them during a clearance stumble. I paid 50 cents each.

50% off retail- Sears. Oneida "Katrina"- These were promotional silverware. San Jose, CA 1995

FREE- This is a gift from my husband, while we were dating. It is a bud vase crystal from a local florist in San Jose, CA 1993

FREE- Gift. My mother-in-law (MIL) gave me these as part of my Christmas service silverware back in San Jose, California.

50% off- LNT. Just for the serving pieces. These were from LNT during a special clearance closeout to make room for the Christmas dinnerware stock; Gilbert, AZ

75% off- Kitchen, Etc. I found these in an outlet mall in Mesa, AZ. They only had 9, I was going to take them all, but the last one had a noticeable crack and damage on the rim.

FREE-My wedding china. Noritake "Halls of Ivy" (darkened so you can see the embossed ivy leaves) My boss back in 1996 got us two place settings for our wedding reception.

I am so glad that I have them! But I'm more glad that I got them for a great price or FREE!

I love every piece I own, and I can't stand that many of them are in storage, far from our home!


Lorna of "Lace & Ivy Cottage" tagged me for this one. I did this one before, but it didn't work since I had no friends to tag much back then. It sure was fun so I'm glad I got tagged this time.

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:

1. Cleaning my kids' rooms

2. Sleeping In

3. Patio dining at night

4. Road trips

5. Sorting clothes to pare down apartment clutter

6. Laundry roundup

7. More tablescapes

8. Fall (Thanksgiving)

8 Things I did Yesterday:

1. Blogged

2. Washed dishes

3. Baked chocolate cookies

4. Washed a load of laundry

5. Played Rummikub online

6. Cleaned the patio with my kids

7. Cooked & picked up toys

8. Talked to my hubby

8 Things I wish I could do:

1. Lose weight

2. Go lobster trapping and harvesting

3. Go crabbing and clam/oyster digging

4. Finish my genealogy

5. Own a house and start an orchard

6. Get more sleep

7. Grow another 6 or 9 inches

8. Learn to bake lots of goodies

8 Shows I watch:


2. CSI (all three)

3. Bones

4. Medium

5. Smallville

6. House

7. Numb3rs

8. Food Network

8 Favorite fruits:

1. Grapes

2. Watermelon (actually all melons)

3. Mangoes

4. Blackberries (all berries)

5. Plums

6. Cherries

7. Strawberries

8. Clementines

8 Places I'd Like to Travel

1. Spain

2. France

3. Bali

4. Italy

5. Palawan, Philippines

6. Hawaii

7. China

8. Canada

8 Places I've Lived

1. Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines

2. Laguna, Philippines

3. San Jose, CA (In 3 different areas)

4. Sunnyvale, CA

5. Gilbert, AZ

6. Mesa, AZ

7. Carrollton, TX

I moved but not that much.

8 People I've Tagged

1. Marty at "A Stroll Thru Life"

2. Leigh at "Tales at Bloggeritaville"

3. Monica at "Monica's English Version"

4. Susan at "A Southern Daydreamer

5. Ann at "Three Little Ladies"

6. Kammy

7. Candy at "Rock Candy"

8. Shelia at "Note Songs"

I know it's long, but it was fun.

I'd like to know more about you, so Tag You're It!


Christine of "Travel and Home Adventures" tagged me for this photo one. Let's see...

Go to your photo files...
Select the 6th photo folder...
Select the 6th photo in that folder...
Post that photo along with the story behind it.
Then challenge 6 blog friends to do the same!

This is the photo that came up! This is one of the many pictures of our former pets, Maggie and Gabbie. Our guinea pigs. ..

Actually, they belonged to my teen who got them from our church's Bishop's family last October 2007. We were giving them a bath in the tub as they get stinky quick! Maggie is the calico one, named from the Filipino word for morning, "UMAGA" and Gabbie for the night, "GABI" because had an all black fur!. They died last year, within days of each other. Gabbie died first...

So many people have been tagged by this one, so I will not choose anyone else, but watch out next time... ;-) Thanks for peeking! Now, I'm off to see what post you chose to re-share!

TABLESCAPING IDEA: ("Brain is so lazy sometimes...) Now that you know what you have for your table and have organized, catalogued and put them away, you have an idea of what can go with what. Have fun and create a table with no rhyme or reason or do what I do and stand in front of your stash and imagine what one dish would look with another then go for it!


  1. Hi Chandy! You have a lot of wonderful tablescaping items that you found at such great prices! I loved reading your list! I couldn't help but notice your wonderful positive attitude toward cleaning! I need some of that! Your guinea pigs were cuties! We had one once also. I loved the noise it made! I hope you are having a great weekend...hugs...Debbie

  2. Chandy, you have so many great dishes. I so enjoyed all of them. I love that most of your sets are so different. Such a fabulous collection. Thanks for the tag. I will have to think about it and post later. Hope all is well. Hugs, Marty

  3. Chandy... you're a gal after my own heart... lots of stuff.. but at a fantastic bargain.. that's what I love! Bargains! I want to go shopping with YOU!

  4. Hello ladies! Good morning, I do love my dishes!

  5. I got the Orchid at Kirklands. They always have a clearance after every season, and I fell in love. It is one of my favorite stores, and their prices are fabulous! I also like to get my lamps there because they are ridiculously affordable, and lamps never seem to last long in my house. I love the selection, and I am going to have to finally make it to Tuesday Morning one of these days.

  6. Thanks for telling me! I will have to find one and see if they have one I like! Yeah, you should check out Tuesday Morning, it's so fun to look in there!

  7. Love your stash and I can't believe how much you save in buying them! SO nice to know more about you. Sorry your pets are gone, love how you came up with their names....Christine

  8. Hi Chandy...

    Great post, Girlfriend! Of course, you know that getting to look at all of those pretty dishes are "right up my alley"! Hehe! I love that platter with the autumn leaves...I have a thing for pretty autumn leaves...loved it! Ohhh...and also those pretty white embossed serving pieces! Ohhh my...they were all beautiful!!! I enjoyed reading your lists of "8 Things"!

    So glad that you joined in with Sunday Favorites again this week!!! Great post...I thoroughly enjoyed myself...ahhhh, pretty dishes!!! Hehe!

    Warmest wishes,


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