Friday, June 19, 2009

"Cloche" Enough To Taste

When the lovely and gracious and friendly Marty decided to throw a Cloche Party, I looked and looked for a cloche to buy and enjoy, but no such luck! So bummed out!
I borrowed these online instead!
Pretty unique used of cloche jars, huh? Seedling starters! I read on another blog that this is actually what these jars were intended for so I guess, I should have said, "the original use of cloche jars." I love blogging, I learn so much! ;-)

Both are from English Creek Gardens dot com

I love these apothecary jars, and want some, but hubs is not quite sold on them yet, so here I am... still waiting... *sigh*

This Monday, we know summer officially starts because...

Hosted by "Designs by Gollum"

I'll be cooking these!
My middle child will turn 10 and these are all the foods she requested plus a tablescape! I'm tired just thinking about how busy this day would be! We'll have 20 people, including us in one tiny apartment! Wow!

Thanks to our lovely hosts, Marty and Michael!
The only tablescaping idea I have for you is to enjoy your table the way you want because well, it's your table!
Heart you all for stopping by!


  1. I love those long slender graceful apothecary jars, but could see the kitty knocking them over and making me cry!

  2. Hi Chandy,
    I loved how you showed the original cloche jars! I had no clue and find that fascinating! See ya when I get back, hugs, Cindy

  3. Wow Chandy....I love your are correct on the gardening thing...
    Hugs ~ Kammy

  4. Yum!!! Now where is that taste button?

    I didn't know what a cloche was before this, had to goggle for info. I am so behind the times.

    Great pics and keep your eyes open on those thrift store outings, who knows you might find one.

    Enjoy today,

  5. The tall skinny apothecary jars wouldn't last a week in my house. Between the dog, two cats, my husband and 14 year old - they would be in pieces on the floor!

    One day...maybe. :)

  6. Hi Chandy! I saw that top photo on another blog! How funny! I'm surprised some bloggin neighbor doesn't sneak in at night and steal a few of his cloches! :) Hope you find a cloche soon! You'll have to be sure and post when you get one! Yum, I'm coming over to your house!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  7. I never knew that cloches were intended for dirt...way too pretty for that! Could you imagine buying that many? Thank goodness someone thought to bring them inside. Have a wonderful day.

  8. Chandy, thank so much for joining the party. I hope you saw some of the ideas of how to make a cloche and cheap. I have really enjoyed this fun party. Such creativity and so many wonderful ideas. Your menu for the party looks fabulous. Wish I had some. Hugs, Marty BTW Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  9. Good morning and thank you dear friends!

  10. Chandy--Happy birthday to your daughter. She should be happy with this assortment of food! You'll be fine with 20 people--the more the merrier (no matter what the space0!

  11. Chandy,
    I did not know about cloches until I started blogging, but now I am wild about them. Have a nice birthday celebration and weekend! Cathy

  12. Happy Birthday to your daughter.... It looks like she is going to have a great feast.

  13. Chandy I used those heavy outdoor cloches when I lived in Canada. In the spring they really protected my seedlings when frost threatened overnight. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday and that all of her wishes come true.


  14. I loved the outdoor cloches. How interesting. Have a wonderful weekend:)

  15. Thanks for showing what the cloche were used for. I love what they are being use for now.
    you can display just about anything.

  16. Hi Chandy! I don't have a cloche either...sigh. I will keep an eye out..for both of us!

    Happy Birthday to your daughter... and have a great weekend!

  17. Chandy I saw those Big Cloche's on another blogger site...I would be afraid to leave them outsdie ha ha!! May you have a great weekend my friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

  18. Your daughter is sure to have a wonderful birthday. She made great food choices. Have a great weekend.

  19. Very pretty Chandy! I didn't know they could be used outdoors. How neat!

    ~Happy Cloche Party! :)

  20. Hi Chandy...

    Just read the sweet note that you left for me on my button cloche and happy that you came by and thank you for the sweet compliments, my friend!!!

    Girl, I haven't left for Texas yet...we're leaving in the morning! I'm so excited!!! I sure will miss visiting with ya'll but I have a feeling that between my three daughters and ten grandchildren, I'll be keeping pretty busy! Hehe!

    Don't you just love those photos of the big garden cloches? Barb had the same photo over at her place and said that she thought the farmer was growing cloches...thought that was cute! By the way, I just looked through your last tablescape post...Girl, it's gorgeous!!! I love the "Exotic is Posh" theme...fabulous ambiance!!! I loved how you did the centerpiece using the books and all...ohhh, I love that pretty lantern!!! Now, I have never seen dishes like that ever before...and I just love them!!! Girl, this is not only a beautiful tablescape but it's like a "getaway" much fun...and kind of mysterious! I love that!!!

    Warmest wishes,

  21. What a wonderful birthday your daughter will have! Good luck resting after all of the work is done.

  22. Using cloches the way they were first meant to be! Beautiful!


  23. Ladies, you all so rock! As my friend says, love your faces!

  24. Who starts these fads. I just love cloches. Can't get enough of them. So happy Marty is having this party. And speaking of parties, good luck with yours. But I'm sure you do this all the time. I love all the food that your daughter has picked. In my house we would have potatoes instead of rice. Happy birthday to your daughter. And I love lumpia!!! I rarely get to have it though.

  25. Doesn't matter where you get them. I love the inspiration no matter where it comes from. And the garden is my second home!

  26. Great pic! I actually use a cloche or "glass bell jar" in my garden for that purpose. Jacob and I made chicken wire cloches to protect several plants from those "pesky rabbits" - it seems to be helping! ~ Robyn

  27. Great job on using the cloches, Robyn and Brenda, I agree! They're so cute!

  28. The word cloche I discover in blogland! :-) And I get to see plenty and how different pretty things are placed underneath. But never like these - first picture. Very, very interesting!

  29. I love my apothecary jar! I found it on sale at Hobby Lobby! I really like your photo of them grouped... I might be on the look out for more now! ;) Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~Really Rainey~

  30. My first visit to your blog but I for sure will come back. Love all your tablescapes.

  31. I also like the cloches out in the garden...they certainly make an outdoor garden attractive!


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