Sunday, June 14, 2009

My Very First Tablescape Meme

Hosted by "Happy To Design"

Here we are again, on Sunday, happy to relive our some of our precious posts. And what's more precious than your first time, right? (Ok, get your minds outta the sewers, I meant first time joining in on the memes, and since this is a strictly tablescaping meme, of course I meant Tablescape Thursday!) LOL

Much thanks to our lovely host, Chari and to all of our bloggy friends who help to make each Sunday that much more blessed. Heart you all! ;-)

From February 19, 2009

Tablescape Thursday

Hosted by"Between Naps on The Porch"

Hello! Good morning everybody... This is my very first Tablescape Thursday, so please be gentle with your critiques.... (Eyes closed and fingers crossed!)

"Beautiful Together"

My Valentine Red Roses

When I got these, they were a tight set of buds, even the carnations, so I wanted to use them while they are in their fullest bloom before they died out. If you look closely, there are actually three colors of red: red, cherry red and red wine red

This wasn't an easy thing to put together as I don't have all of my plates in the apartment, but I had fun mixing up my Roscher "Tara" Gray collection of dinner and salad bowls with white scalloped plates and dark red chargers. With my Gibson "Chrome Bamboo" utensils, along with my Canopy ramekins and heart shaped glass tealight holders on a dark red runner, I created a very eclectic yet chic and contemporary tablesetting.

(Psst! "Brain" doesn't want me to tell you this, but the runner? It was my Christmas find that I just turned over. Don't tell...)

Since it is still February, I wanted to do something with red. It actually took a while to get the creative juices flowing because it was a toss up between using gold, off white and crystal to this look. What won this setup was the red color that I felt I should use until March hits... Plus, my teen really likes these Roscher plates, so I had an extra incentive to show her how fun tablescaping can be. LOL

I also wanted to incorporate the roses I got from Valentine's Day since they all still look so beautiful... I liked the red bottom to red on top look. My Anchor Hocking "Fire and Ice" glasses complemented the chunkiness of the Roscher dinnerware. I used the same white tablecloth and the ramekins I used for my V-day tablescape to extract the white from the top two dishes. I also chose to go geometric on the stacking since two are round and two are squares and I wanted a more interesting look to it.

(Sorry, we just ate dinner before, so no food to accompany this setup)

glasses- $9/16, Walmart;
chargers- $1 each, Tom Thumb (CC);
white scalloped plates (no label)- $2.99 each, Ross;
gray dinner plate and bowl- $2.99 each, Marshall's;
red runner- $4, Ross (CC);
white tablecloth and napkins- $8.50, Kroger (CC)

Before (FIRST Picture):
No flash, just regular light

After (LAST Picture):
Played around with some settings to bring out the candlelights better

Hope you like it! I had fun wracking my brain to put this together. Love all of you for looking (and commenting, of course!)

(Psst again! Make "Brain" happy... So she'll let me get more dishes to play with, ok?)


  1. Chandy,
    This was so pretty! I just love the gray with the red! Very serene and beautiful, oh and romantic too! Hugs, Cindy

  2. Chandy,
    This is so rich and elegant, truly beautiful. I am going to have to check the backsides of my runners now. Cathy

  3. I love it because it looks tailored and smart, but at the same time it softened by the rich red roses. Hey! We both redid a Valentine post!


  4. Chandy, This is beautiful. Why not repeat it for your anniversary?

    I've sent you TWO EMAILS asking for your mailing information as you won a book.

    Please sent the information ASAP to:

    smilingsal55 AT yahoo DOT com

  5. Hi Chandy -- I love this table setting -- and I learned something new from you today, that runners have BACKSIDES and you can use those, too!

    I really like those square plates - very chic!

  6. Hi Chandy, Your table looks lovely. I adore red! I like the square plates for their contemporary esthetic.

  7. That Valentine's tablescape is quite lovely. I also LOVE the dark black/violet tulips in your header!!!

  8. Chandy, this is so pretty. I love the dishes, they are gorgeous. You always do such a pretty job with all your tablescapes, they are such a treat for the eye. Hugs, Marty

  9. The classic colors of red, black and white look very special and the square plate shape adds punch to the white in the tablescape. I love having fetish for dishes!

  10. Hi Chandy...

    So happy to have you join in with Sunday Favorites again this week, my friend!!! And thank you so much for the sweet comments that you left for me about my tablescape! I sure do appreciate it!!! sweet to see your very first tablescape post!!! What a gorgeous Valentine's Day table! I love the Roscher pretty!!! I really do like the colors...the red, white, and gray!!! Very classy!!! Girlfriend, those carnations and roses are just gorgeous too! Ohhh...I love fresh flowers and I really love RED flowers...hehe! So glad that you chose this post to share with all of was new to me! What a beautifully done table!!!

    Have a super Sunday!
    Chari asked where we are going in Texas. Way down Corpus Christi! It's going to be quite a long haul I'm afraid...and I'll be chomping at the bit to see all my kiddos! Hehe!!!

  11. Chandy this is GORGEOUS!
    I adore the red roses ansd well all of it! ;)

  12. You were off to a great start even back then.

  13. chandy... i remember this post... it's just as beautiful today as when you first posted... love your new header too!

  14. I love the combination of roses with carnations! I've never seen that before. The tablescape is beautiful. Thank you for stopping by my blog. :)

    Mrs. Petrie @

  15. Great comments ladies, thanks!

  16. Chandy, that looks so pretty, and what a fabulous idea to turn the Christmas runner over. laurie

  17. Love the tablesetting! I've always been quite lazy to do the table beautifully. Thanks for the inspiration!


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