Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine's Day is almost here again...

I would like to apologize for not being around for a while. Lots happened and hoping this year would be a year of being able to catch up will all of you. BY THE WAY... How do you like the new banner? Do you get it?

For now, let me leave you with some VALENTINE'S DAY tips...

Valentine's Day do not, I repeat do not have to be just for 2! Since it's a day to celebrate L-O-V-E, why not focus on that and celebrate it thru the following suggestions?

1. Family Dinner- make a menu that you know everyone loves and set the table with cute and loving sayings. It's like Thanksgiving in February!

2. Friends & Romance Mix- invite couples to join you for a romantic buffet at your place and have a little game to boot! Have each couple bring a dessert. You'll enjoy great company and conversation plus, you'll save $$$ from having to wait hours for a reservation you had to make months in advance!

3. Play the Restaurant Game- have the kids "serve" you your dinner for two while they eat in another room after serving you. Give them a timer of 1 hour, then they come back and "clean up" your table.

4. Make it Silly! - who says you have to be formal? Get cheesy with the decor and the food, fun!

5. Find Another Table- picnic on your bedroom floor, create a bistro set by a bay window, candlelight dinner on the coffee table, anywhere new is romantic and exciting to share a wonderful meal with your sweetheart.

6. Time it well- plan your menu for the time you want to eat. Too heavy and the romance is shot! Too light and you'll be busy raiding the fridge.

7. Scrap the scraps!- photograph or record the food, table and you two enjoying the meal and each other's company. How can you top something you can't remember, right?

On this note, Brain and I want to wish you all, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! In a week...

Yes, I will post pictures of my newest table and I'd like to assure you, I haven't lost my touch!

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