Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Health is Subjective-Start with your table!

It's the start of new year, the month of love, all types of love. And with that, the push of all organizations claiming they know how to help you live longer, eat healthier and be pain-free clutters all media ports.

The truth is, all of that is subjective, because...

1. Every region in this world offers a different setting to help you with all of that
2. Different types of drinking water affect different parts of the world
3. Type of foods normally consumed affect generations
4. Lifestyle changes are often fleeting unless you move or have had a life-changing situation
5. Foods are subjective to what's in the soil and true organic planting near a city is very expensive to maintain.
6. You are a cultural, regional, international and mixed being. Different things will affect you compared to even your own children born in another region with different chemicals and minerals making up its terrain and winding up in his or her body to make up his immune system.
7. If you don't move, nothing will get used up inside you. So food is not the only answer to a healthier lifestyle. So move, breathe fresh air and enjoy nature. Nature helps you be healthier.
8. Your attitude and outlook and choices all work together to make up a better you, not just one.

Why don't you try an easy way to prove this? Start with your dinner table and ask the following:
1. Do I have more meat than veggies? Do I encourage a rainbow meal each meal?
2. Do I take the time to make the food presentable, delicious, nutritious or did it just come from a box again or the whole meal was prepared by someone, somewhere else?
3. Do I take the time to sample local markets or go to shops with more natural, fresher selection?
4. When I eat, do I eat with my family and talk, laugh and live with them or do we plop in front of the TV and ignore each other though we are laughing at the same funny thing?
5. Do we talk about the foods we eat and why? How to have a better range of foods?
6. Do we put extra effort to dress up the table when company is coming or do we equally prepare the table on an ordinary night so the meals and the company feel special?
7. Do we take the time to appreciate those around us especially the ones that live under the same roof? Do we do it through careful food choices so they can be assured that they are cared for?

Just a reminder that in our quest for the fountain of youth, we often forget that the journey and choices we make along the way, is how we find the fountain of youth, wherever we are.

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: (Brain is a little nervous, V-day is in 2 days and a lot of people are coming.) Formal tables should not be stodgy; you can create a formal setting within a fun theme or a fun setting within a formal theme. Let the colors announce the season or reason and let the setting be the focus that gets the job done. No matter how you set a formal table, make it fun and memorable for you and your guests.

Ok, see you soon!

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  1. OMG, am I seeing a ghost? Where have you been, Chandy? Can't wait to see your table. hurry back!...Christine


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