Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Places, Please...

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

As I don't have time to just whip out a new tablescape lately, I figure I'd join in with some placesettings instead!

All of the pieces were bought between 60-80% off, which makes them that much more fun to work with! Enjoy going down memory lane with me thru these placesettings...

"Beautiful Together"

"Carolyn, meet Carolyn"

"Happy Holidays"

"Color Me Grateful"

"A Family Holiday"

"Autumn Romance"

"Winter Flurry Swirls"

"Instant Asian"

"For Couples Only"

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: "Brain" is feeling nostalgic... Take pictures of your past tables, it serves as a reminder as well as a "cheat-chit"when you are running out of ideas over the same pieces. It's also a quick reference for a table idea when you have friends stopping by, now!

Thank you to our lovely hosts, Susan and Leigh and to all who stopped by and left me feelin' the love!


  1. It is wonderful to see you more often, Chandy. Hope you continue to post more cause I have missed you. I am so glad you showed us bunch of your settings cause I've missed them too..Christine

  2. Hi Chandy, good to see you!
    I love those settings, love your bargains.
    What is the name of the last one??? It is calling out to me..Buy me! :)

  3. Hello Christine! I'd love to be able to do more posts for sure!

    Kathleen, it's called Precious by Nikko.

  4. It's always great to see your creative table settings!

  5. What a beautiful variety of settings. To have for sets of chinawares and all stuffs.

    Have a blissful Thursday.

    Greetings from snowing Stockholm-

  6. Instant Asian may be my favorite but they are all wonderful!

  7. Every one of those place settings is great! I love seeing different looks with the same dishes!

  8. Loved this trip down memory lane! And your previous post of Chinese New Year's and Valentine's is beautiful! Thanks for your sweet visit.

  9. I found some very inspiring ideas in those tablescapes! You are so innovative.
    ♥, Susan

  10. So pretty. I love how you used the square plate in the first picture and you turned it like a diamond. All the place settings look wonderful.

  11. You have beautiful collections! Very inspiring.

  12. Thank you all so much! I do love to do creative placesettings!

  13. What beautiful and unique place settings! I enjoyed seeing all of them, can't choose a favorite! They are all great!


  14. O, I love each and every place setting, Chandy! Meet Caroline is beautiful!!

    Have a happy day!


  15. Oh the Instant Asian and Couple Only dishes are so beautiful - thanks for sharing.

  16. Wow what a collection! I love the red rose in the napnin holder.

  17. Thank, thank you sweet ladies! I had so much fun doing each one!

  18. Chandy, Great idea to do just a place setting...I didn't have time to do one today,in fact I just finished it for next week.
    So I like you idea of just a setting.


  19. Love your tablescapes. So beautiful. Come by and watch our vlog version. Have a great day. Holly:)

  20. Barbara, thank you... Sometimes, that's all I have time for.

    Holly, I'm on my way. Thanks!

  21. Chandy, my sweet I have missed you. i think you life and mine have both been crazy lately. But like you, I havent forgotten about you! I hope school is well as the family. I think of you often.
    That first tablescape is my FAV! So pretty-all of them! Thanks for linking up to Thrifty Thursday this week!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  22. Leigh, I don't think I can ever forget you! Glad to see you here and I'll try to join in again next Thursday!

  23. All of your thrifty table settings are wonderful Chandy. I would never have thought that these dishes were all bargains. Have a great weekend! laurie

  24. Hi Chandy! Good luck in finding your dream house. It'sa good time to buy now cause it's a buyer's market...Christine

  25. I know, we are hoping to find one and soon! Thanks, Christine!

  26. pretty--that first one is my favorite!

  27. Hi Chandy ! Beautiful ideas and settings !!!

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