Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Will Be Back (Maybe Soon)

("Easter Wonderland")

Too many home improvement projects, lifestyle changes, planned vacations and family/friends gathering to attend to this year.

I'll pop in when I can. Hope y'all don't forget me... Hugs to all!

Happy belated First Day of Spring, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and Mother's Day to you wonderful bloggers out there!

When I come back, I'll share my latest finds, tablescapes and adventures in changing up this house we bought. See y'all when I come back!

You know, I won't leave with no useable tip, right? Right! Enjoy!

TABLESCAPING IDEAS: (Brain is exhausted from gardening, but she'll try...) Trimming bushes and scraggly tree limbs? Why not repurpose them and use them as centerpiece? Just use what shape of twigs or volume of leafy stems you want and voila! Magazines eat up the height and unique impact it makes enough to show you. As well as beautiful and sensible enough that you can imitate it effortlessly. So fertilize and "clean" those bushes and trees, they may just be what you're looking for as your next inspiration!


  1. I came for a peek...I have been on vacation and have missed you but when you are so busy, it is hard to keep blogging on a regular basis. With summer coming and the kids out of school, it is just as busy...I'll always have you on my reader and come for a visit !


  2. Nonna, love ya for that! I am also quite busy so we'll have to play this peek-a-boo game until we catch up. lol


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