Thursday, October 15, 2009

Spooky Inspirations...

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

A little too busy again so I thought I could just regale you with delectably spooky inspirations for Halloween! *cackling* It's FREE (being thrifty) and CREATIVE (inspiring tables)...

Magick Rituals dot com

Semi Homemade dot com

E How dot com

How to Make a Halloween Tablescape (E How dot com)

Things You'll Need:
A roll of cork, approximately one quarter inch thick
Black poster paint
White poster paint
One foam brush
A retractable utility knife or equivalent
Fake rubber snakes, bugs and spiders
An old glove
One old newspaper or magazine
A piece of thick cardboard or a cutting mat
A vinyl tablecloth
Double stick tape
A costume ring or bracelet
Silk or paper leaves

  • Place the vinyl tablecloth onto the table where you want to make the Halloween tablescape. This will be used to protect the table. An old sheet or old tablecloth may also be used. Place strips of double-stick tape on the vinyl tablecloth. The double-stick tape will help keep the cork layer secure.

  • Unroll the cork onto the dining room table. Place the cork in a horizontal direction to achieve a flat surface. The cork may be unrolled just in the center of the table, to create a Halloween tablescape that will also accommodate dinner guests. Or, place unrolled cork on all surfaces of the table to create a complete Halloween tablescape.

  • Cut any excess pieces of cork from around the edges of the table. There will be more cutting required if the table is round, than if it is square. Use the retractable utility knife to carefully trim off the excess cork. Save the larger cork pieces for other projects.

  • Create openings in the cork for a three-dimensional effect. Draw a square near the center of the cork. From the center of the square, draw a large letter "x" which creates four triangles. Cut along the letter "x" leaving the outside of the square intact. Fold back the cork to create a creepy opening in the Halloween tablescape. Make more openings like this in different sizes.
  • Paint the cork with the black paint using the foam brush. The paint can be dabbed on or brushed on with a dry bush. Brush on white to create a cork surface that is a blend of white, black and gray. Use a rag or cloth to dab off excess paint.
    Stuff the glove with pieces of crumpled newspaper. Paint the glove black. Add a piece of costume jewelry to the glove. Set the glove aside until it's dry.

  • Decorate the Halloween tablescape with the fake bugs, spiders and the hand. Stick the fake creatures slightly under the cork and through the openings in the cork. They will look as if they are crawling out of the ground. Also set the hand in the largest whole, to look like it is reaching out from the ground.

  • Scatter silk or paper leaves around the openings, and the table. Add any other Halloween gourds or miniature pumpkins to the Halloween tablescape.
  • Thanks to our hosts, Susan and Leigh once again. And to all of you, have a great weekend! Thank you, thank you!


    1. Hi, Chandy, those are such fun!

      Happy Thrifty Thursday...


      Sheila :-)

    2. I really like the one from semi homemade

    3. Very cute ideas - I bet the kids would love it - you are always so much fun !

    4. Chandy-This is adorable and I know your kids will love it. Bet you are staying busy this time of year. Love your "thriftiness" and "creativity".

    5. Great tablescapes for Halloween and fall. Love the ideas.

    6. What wonderful pumpkins and the boxes are just fabulous. You are always so creative. Hugs, Marty

    7. Fun ideas, they make such cute Halloween stuff these days. I enjoyed my visit.


    8. My friend Chandy,

      What great suggestions! And I love those tables you featured, The first, my fav!
      Thanks for participating in Thrifty Thursday this week! Some great finds, my friend!
      Tales from Bloggeritaville

    9. Thank you for the how to information. Those are very pretty tablescapes.

    10. How fun for everyone involved--big and little ones. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas!

    11. handy....wonderful ideas. thanks.

    12. Hello Chandy!

      You know we don't celebrate Halloween as much as it is being celebrated there. But, that won't stop me from wanting to have those candle-lit lanterns and fun favor boxes :-)

      And the black and orange tablescape you did on the previous post, spooky but elegant. Quite a nice combo feel I must say :-)


      (I have not been online for a while, but now I get to visit again :-) )

    13. Thanks for sharing these sites. Looks like some fun ideas.

    14. Hi Chandy,
      I was ok with the cork till it said cut a big X in the middle! I can see my dining room table permanently marred..:)

      Hope all is well with you..come see my spray painted hydrangea table, VERY thrifty!

    15. Those pumpkins are just hilarious and I think my Madison would have a blast making some!
      Thanks for sharing!

      Have a great weekend!


    16. Hi Chandy,
      I like those figurine candle holders! You found some nice ideas to share, and most important your children are adorable!

    17. Neat ideas, Chandy. How are you? Miss ya!...Christine

    18. My compliments for your blog and pictures included,I encourage you to photoblog,

      Even week another photo album

      Greetings from Italy,


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