Saturday, August 8, 2009

Grrr! Only One Pink Picture Got In!

Aaargghhh! My computer's really whacko! Now some of my pictures are hidden! I can't see half of them and I know they were there just last Thursday... I can't even the icon for PS! And I can't copy pictures online! *fuming*

So, I guess today, all I have is for Pink Saturday with Beverly...

I took a picture of this pretty cluster of pink roses on the side of my in-laws' home. Aren't they pretty?
I want my computer back.... *sobbing*

Hope you all are having a great weekend! (Once I tell the Mister, I'll be off for a while for sure.) ;-(


  1. Hi Chandy...

    Ohhh sorry that you are having computer problems...that is so frustrating! I sure do hope that you are able to retrieve your photos and get it fixed, my friend! I love the photo of the pink roses...they are gorgeous!!!

    Just wanted to tell you that I visited your "On the Water's Edge" tablescape! Darlin' was fabulous! What is it about seashells that is so intriquing? You had a beautiful display of them...and I loved all the different shapes and colors!!! Your place settings were beautiful and so perfect with this theme! And I loved your centerpiece too! What a fun story you wove throughout your're such a talented and creative lady!!!

    Well my friend, if you get some time..please stop by! I just got a new set (or beginning of a set) of blue frenchy china...I would love for you to see it! I had never seen this manufacturer and pattern before!

    Warmest wishes,

  2. Beautiful Picture!!! But its a blue Saturday when your computer doesn't work right. Hoping that it can be fixed.


  3. I hate computer trouble too... Good luck!
    But the flowers are pretty and pink!

    Happy Pink Saturday!

    For my pink post... visit me at Sweeter Living
    (Your also welcome to my other blog Sweeter Homes... if you need some house inspiration)

  4. I love roses! I know about being without a computer, although I've not had any problems in a LONG time (knock on wood).

    Have a Great Pink Saturday!

  5. Hi Chandy!
    Don't worry honey, it is probably an easy fix. Sometimes just shutting down your computer and restarting it can solve some of this. Anyway we love the rose. It is beautiful. Beautiful Pink Saturday post. I have signed up to follow your blog. I want to come back and see what you post next. Please stop by and say hi. I would love to have you follow my blog as well. Country Hugs honey, Sherry

  6. Well, it may be just one picture...but it is a really good one!
    Hope you are having a very lovely Pink Saturday!
    xo Tami

  7. Lovely picture, in spite of your computer trouble! Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. Hi, so sorry to hear about your comp probs...I have that myself sometimes and it's sooo frustrating! I hope that it fixes itself soon for you! Have a great weekend and Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. Sorry to hear about your computer trouble, Carolyn. Thanks for posting your in-laws pretty roses. It was sweet of you to make the effort to post for the rest of us pinkies!

    Hope everything comes out ok!


  10. Are you still at your in laws, Chandy? Those roses are gorgeous. Sorry you're having computer problems. Don't you just hate that? I miss you!...Christine

  11. Hi Chandy! I do love your photo of the pink roses, but I amd so sorry to hear about your 'puter problems... I can only tell you mine is as old as a DINOSAUR!!.. and I can tell it may not be long before I need a new/newer one myself! For now, it just putt-putts along like the little engine who STILL thinks he can!! I love your seaside tablescape in your previous post! I am enjoying being a visitor to Tablescapes Thursday, and hope to play along someday! I so appreciate everything I see and learn from post to post! I'm even shopping for dishes, when and where I NEVER thought I would before!! I really do love it! Just yesterday, I bought 5 matching milk glass luncheon-sized plates ("to add, not start over"!) from a local thrift shop, and I was just THRILLED!! (0; Happy Pink Saturday, and hope you're enjoying your weekend! Good luck with your computer! ~tina

  12. Oh Chandy, I know how you feel, my photos are scattered in several places on the computer and I have to hunt for them.

    Sorry you are having trouble.
    I have been forgetting to tell you I love the colors on your blog!!!!



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