Saturday, July 4, 2009

This Is The Place

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Last year, exactly, we were in Utah visiting my hubs, Mr. Man's family and they took us to..."This is The Place Heritage Park". It's a memorial park for the history of the Latter-day Saints or commonly known as Mormon people, like me! :-)
There's me with my beautiful fam... at the entrance- after the whole fun! Can't you tell humidity and heat doesn't agree with my hair? LOL

There were so much to do and see! I couldn't possibly show all of them to you! Blogger will shut me down for sure! Don't want that!

Here's what a schoolhouse looked back in 1865. Isn't it cool?! My children are on the right side, middle.

Oh-oh, what happened, why is my baby being punished? Oh, yeah, my teen helped demonstrate what happens when you misbehave back in 1865. You go to the front of the class, turn away and touch the wall with your nose, hold out your arms back and hold a book on each hand. Ouch!

They even learned how to write "July 4, 1865" in shorthand (right side ending in 1865) and the word, "flag" at the bottom. Neat huh?

There were goats and other farm animals like horses! See my younger daughter's head angle? She was ecstatic to see all those horses and even more excited that she can ride them!

See? What'd I tell ya? Look at that "I'm so happy" smile! That alone was worth the heat and expanse of the place! Oooohhh, all that walking we did! Our son was in his element when we found miniature buildings like this firehouse! It was such a respite for me not to worry where they are for about 20 minutes!

I was so glad when we found the Picnic Area! Here are the kiddos resting and bonding!

Two of the three men we were with... That's my hubby and my bro-in-law, Gary after we ate. Ready for more walking!

Ok, we got to ride in a stage coach, or whatever it's called. See me? I'm the one in the purple of course! (Just seeing if you forgot already) LOL

And we also rode on the trolley train they had going around. This is my darling and gorgeous, hubs, Mr. Man. Love him!!!

We found so many tin cookware and kitchen gadgets and cabinet coverings that we just had to visit the Tin Shoppe and here's the rather dry comic of a tin smith. He could deliver great jokes without cracking even one smile!

We had so much fun! I wish we were there again, but at least I got to take you on a virtual trip with us! Have a great INDEPENDENCE DAY!!!


  1. Happy Independence Day, Chandy! You have a beautiful family and you'e right, your hubby's gorgeous! How interesting about the punishment in the olden days. Your kids must be happy they don't do that anymore..Christine

  2. Oh I like this place. I like seeing houses, structures, and things that were from the past. It must really be overwhelming. I remember we visited way back in Villa Escudero - filipino foods, nipa huts where we slept, gowns, coins, and ride on a carriage where a carabao pulls it. Too bad it was a year way before blogging time LoL.

    I sure can see the big smile in your little darling. And yes I do remember her loving horses.

    I enjoyed the tour Chandy. Thanks!

  3. Chandy, what a great family trip. It looks like you all had such fun. Love all the wonderful smiles. Have a safe, happy and blessed 4th. Hugs, Marty

  4. gosh you have a wonderful family. Cute..just wonderful! I loved seeing that old school house. My grandmother was a teacher back in about 1895 and I got so much wonderful information from her. So interesting. I loved your pictures!

  5. Visiting from SITS. Happy 4th of July!

  6. Looks like you had a lot of fun, Chandy. I always enjoy living history museums with reinactors. They have several in St. Augustine, and I enjoyed finding out from one who's a blacksmith what the difference is between a farrier and a smith. The smith doesn't shoe horses. He makes nails, hinges, tools, and things like that out of iron. I bought some of the nails the reinator blacksmith had forged. A farrier specializes in the care of a horse's foot including making shoes snd preparing the foot and nailing the shoe on it.

    While the guy in St. Augustine made a big point out of this, Wikpedia says that a smith and farrier did a lot of the same work in pre-industrial revolution America. So who knows. LOL! I'm sure that people did the work they could as needed. I would imagine a smith would shoe a horse if there wasn't a farrier, and I would imagine a farrier would make tools if there weren't a smith. ;-)



  7. I agree Sheila! ;-)

    Thank you everyone!

  8. Chandy,
    It was so fun to see your family on vacation! It looks like a great place to visit. I grew up in Colorado and had several Mormon friends so know about many of your traditions and customs. My daughter often enjoyed fun activities at the local ward with her girlfriend.

  9. Chandy,
    We have been to Salt Lake etc. but have never been to "This is the place" Thanks for the tour and especially the photos of you and your beautiful family !

  10. That looks like so much fun! You got some great shots!!!

  11. We went to that park last year too. It sure is a fun place!


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