Thursday, June 18, 2009

Livin' "Large" Just Like an Emperor

Hosted by Susan and Leigh

I really didn't have a direction of what kind of tablescape to do, but since I've wanted to try to do a jungle theme (again, it's all your fault! LOL), I was glad to have found these!

"Exotic is Posh"

Marshall's dinnerware find

These two are Roscher plates, "Zebra" and "Giraffe" collection; $2 each

The following are from Certified International "Raymond Waites" EMPIRE collection; $4 each

Each pattern or picture is of a "Large" animal and of course, an empire is ruled by an "Emperor", right? Hence, the title of my post! (Pretty clever, huh? LOL)



It tied in perfectly with all the animal books we borrowed from the library. That's what we're learning this summer for the Reading Programs we joined. Each year, I set a reading theme for my children so they can explore other books in different sections of their age category.

How do you like my antique white rendition of a Moroccan lantern? I love it! Only $7.00 on clearance; Marshall's. It was normally $20! Books, FREE!

We can't forget the books on Boas and Pythons... They live in the jungle too, you know!

I just put together all that I have that might go with a safari/jungle theme. Including my white orchids and I used a lot of votives to simulate having a bonfire in the middle of the jungle or dense forest during an expedition. You know how researchers' tents are chock full of books to use as reference. My table does, too! ;-)

The placemats are my round seagrass and dinner plates are from my Mulberry line called, "Mocha Swirl". The napkins (you can barely see them) were from Target; $4.98 for 4. Again, I was too cheap to buy tablecloth, so I used another blanket, a FREEBIE!

(Oooopps, one of the candles went out! I better light that one before anyone... oh, you noticed already. That's ok, let's light it again anyway. There... much better!) ;-)

And here's the full sideview! How do you like it? I absolutely love at how it turned out. Not bad for 15 minutes of my time.

It's Inexpensive, Thrifty, Exotic, Wild and totally Posh!!! I can almost see this table at a luxury safari hotel in Africa. (What? I can dream, can't I?) ;-)

Thanks to our hosts! And for all of you who heart me enough to visit, a big, big thanks! Now, I'm off to see your tables!

How do you like it? Be honest, ok?


  1. Now those are some fun plates!!! Love all the candlelight and lanterns! I'm ready for a safari!! :)

  2. Chandy, what fun! I love the animal dishes! I must say I love the lantern the best! The books are a nice touch! Happy TT!

  3. Chandy this is truly AWESOME! I love the animal plates and all the glowing lights.
    It is really cool and unique.

    Wonderful job my friend!
    ~Melissa :)

  4. Thank you ladies! You're so cool to think so!

  5. Be honest? ok - they are adorable!!! esp. for a party theme and the summer. very very cute!!!!

  6. You always do such interesting tablescapes. Love the animal print plates and the dishes with the animals on them. Love the look by candelight.

  7. Chandy,this is so cute. I love the Raymond Waites plates!

  8. Hi Chandy !
    First - I love your new header (love that cabbage !)
    Love your scape and you are correct it is so POSH ! I love that you used library books !!!
    The lighting is great !
    Hugs ~ Kammy
    p.s. I have some different zebra plates for a scape in the future too - they are fun !

  9. Very exotic indedd, Chandy! Now you know I like jungle inspired tablescapes. I even have those same safari bowls with the aninals. Very nice, Chandy, love it!....Christine

  10. Dream away girl, that's what is fun. Love your theme and how I miss the library days when Samuel was younger. It was a regular outing for us. We read all the time and every night we would read at bedtime.
    The blue dishes, aren't they fab, I found in an old Oprah mag, Fall 2007. The article was on Charlotte Moss, a wonderful decorator.(GOOGLE for more info) It only says 'creamy blue pottery from the south of France.
    Too bad we aren't going to pick those up at Ross and France is not on the summer travel schedule...darn!

    Back to dreamin',

  11. Oh, I love it, Chandy! $2 for those wonderful plates???!!! Wow, you did get a bargain. What a great way to learn about safari animals.

  12. Chandy, you're jungle on girl!! It came together perfectly. Great buys on those plates. I really like that lantern. Smart, smart, smart!! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Thanks, ladies. I just woke up and already having a great morning!

  14. Chandy, you always inspire. This is just wonderful. I love the plates and the orchids and lantern are just too perfect. The books are such a great added touch. Love it all, so beautifully done. Hugs, Marty

  15. Hi Chandy, this is so creative and pretty. I just love it!!


  16. Very nice Chandy! I know I've said it before but I really like your candlelight shots!!

  17. Thanks, Marty, Barb, Ellen and Fifi! I'm liking it more and more, too!

  18. My sweet friend Chandy- I LOVE that! So excotic and tribal. Very sheek! I love th eanimal print plates and all the candles. So beautiful.
    Forgive me for neglecting....I think I mentioned but I am on vacation with the family so trying not to devote to much 'puter time and more to family this week. Promise will catch up when I get back! Great Thursday fare!

  19. Leigh, no problem. Enjoy your vacation and we'll catch up later. ;-)

  20. Wow, what a fun theme! Very exotic! LOVE your lantern!

  21. Chandy,
    Wow, these plates are amazing and create such a dramatic tablescape! I especially love the can light effect in your photos.

  22. I love the plates!!! And I like how you combined it with the books for your children's reading program. This tablescape should inspire them to want to read more books about jungle animals.

  23. I love how you light the table and then photograph it. It's gorgeous!

  24. Exotic! You have the total atmosphere of an exotic setting! My daughter's family room is this atmosphere! You have given me an idea for her Birthday. She would love to have those dishes! I love the lantern, I take it! lol

  25. Thank you so much, Lady Katherine! Always a pleasure to "read" from you!


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